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Marketing for the fragrance industry

OUR MISSION: To inspire, inform, support and guide current and future fragrance companies and marketers, fusing the analytical side of the marketing world with the creativity of the fragrance industry.

Fragrance marketing is a specialist area. TrendAroma’s services are unique to the fragrance world; built on experience, creativity, expertise and an understanding of the industry. Our purpose is to support companies operating in the fragrance sector with their out-sourced marketing requirements, provide and deliver insights and inspiration through our Reports, and help suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in developing new fragrance products using our Trend Forecasts.

More about us

Fragrance Trend Forecasts

We forecast fragrance trend concepts for some of the biggest global manufacturers and brands in the fragrance world.

Good marketing is fusing the analytical with the creative. Strategy with imagination. Trends with tactics. Think commercially with a customer focus.

we can help you do just that.

Monthly reports to help with your commercial focus

Our monthly home fragrance and personal care New Product Reports track trends, new product launches, include scent descriptions, ingredient information, analyse market data and provide expert insights into these key sectors. I began producing the reports as they were what was missing from the market back when I worked for global fragrance companies!

We produce 2 reports each month; one for home fragrance and one for personal care. These then go up on our website and out to our subscribers.


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