Home Fragrance Trend reports

Build new seasonal home fragrance and aircare collections with these in-depth forecasts. 4 reports are released yearly covering Spring & Summer, Autumn, Winter & Christmas (or Fall, Winter and Holiday in the USA) plus seasonal Occasions & Celebrations Trend Forecasts covering off key scent occasions from Easter to Halloween.

Inspire your creativity with these future focused fragrance trend reports. Crafted by an expert fragrance industry marketer.

Each trend includes; Introduction Board, Trend Mood Board, Trend Drivers Story Board, Colour Influences Board, Fragrance Inspiration Boards; Fine Fragrance, Personal Care & Home Fragrance, an Ingredient Story Board and New Fragrance Directions.

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Our Home Fragrance Trend Forecasts are designed to be immediately ‘actionable’ by global creative teams, and offer an in-depth insight and analysis into the next new seasonal fragrance trends for the home.

Over 58 pages we spotlight 6 key trend stories that will be driving fragrances in the consumer market – from the origin of the trend to it’s revolution, or evolution. Each trend story is summarised with new, creative ideas for future olfactive directions. The forecast contains around 140 new ideas per season.

Each seasonal forecast contains captures the mood of the future scent trends, analysing what’s available now and which trend drivers will be influencing the relevant fragrances of the future.

Cross category exploration from beauty, fashion interiors, fine fragrance and personal care (as well as bestselling and current home fragrance products) helps you understand the commercial relevance of the fragrance trend.

The ‘ingredients’ section builds on new and trending notes for the concept whilst each trend story is summarised with a list of new combinations and ideas for olfactive directions.

Scent & Fragrance knowledge explored: all of the Home Fragrance trends are built around forecasting the next new olfactive directions.

Designed for use by anyone at any level of experience in the home fragrance sector; from global fragrance companies to indie brands these reports are designed to deliver trend information interpreted for you through a fragrance lens.

Trend drivers, intense product research, market intelligence, innovative ingredient tracking and in-depth trend analysis with a commercial rational is the methodology applied to each story,  so new collections can be build, ranges can be expanded, and creative team can be inspired to launch successful new fragrances.

As a compliment or standalone forecast we are pleased to introduce the new seasonal 36 page Occasions & Celebrations Home Scents Forecast.

Gifting candles and the use of scents for occasions has become immensely popular – expanding the market for aircare fragrances built around these celebrations; from Easter to Halloween, Valentine’s Day to New Year, Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving this forecast delivers new inspirations.

This forecast includes:

  • 56 new scent suggestions with names and notes
  • 8 MUST HAVE seasonal scents for the season
  • 24 new scent suggestions for key celebration days
  • 24 new scents for 6 key trend stories
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