Occasions & Celebrations Autumn/Winter + Christmas 2024-2025 HOME FRAGRANCE TREND FORECAST

Scent has become pivotal to celebrating key days in our lives. With the link between fragrance and memory becoming clearer than ever, consumers interest in new olfactive creations linked to occasions and celebrations has become even greater. This forecast provides new home fragrance ideas built around these key moments.

£500.00 Inc.VAT

  • The future decoded: This report breaks down new colours, new scent ingredients, food, fashion, interiors and consumer lifestyle drivers before it reaches you so you have all this insight poured into a report that is completely fragrance focused and full of immediately implementable fragrance ideas.
  • Trend Commentary: Each ‘Occasion & Celebration’ trend comes with a story board and current market inspiration helping to give a background and rational to the trend evolution, with a focus on ‘what’s next’.

  • Strategic implications: The gift market for home fragrance is now bigger than ever, but perhaps more importantly is how important scents are now to celebrations and occasions.
  • The 35 page report contents includes: 56 new scent ideas; 4 ‘must-have’ Autumn/Fall scents, 4 ‘must-have’ Winter scents, 4 ‘must-have’ Christmas scents, 20 scents covering Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Purely Pumpkin (new for A/W24) and Happy Solstice (new for AW24), plus 24 trend led fragrance inspired by 6 new trend concepts.

Market Intelligence

Key global brand launches are mapped to help show how the trend has evolved from scent to packaging. Certain themes and notes are key to specific times of year and have become associated with the season.

Seasonal Celebrations

The Forecast provides 20 new ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year and 2 new trends introduced for AW24; PURELY PUMPKIN and HAPPY SOLSTICE.

New Notes

From Bronzed Redcurrant to Sitka Spruce, this seasons update will give you the direct inspiration to craft new fragrances, using the forecasts suggested fragrance combinations and key notes making new product development easier than ever.

Trend Collections

The Forecast includes 12 core trend scent ideas that are MUST HAVE to capture the Autumn, Winter and Christmas trends for 2024-2025. There also 24 scents captured under 6 all new trend concepts for the season.

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