Spring/Summer 2024 Home Fragrance Trends

Immerse yourself in the future of home fragrance for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. A ready made fragrance focused trend forecast with 6 in-depth and exclusive trend concepts packed with suggestions for new home fragrance collections.

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Report Introduction Spring/Summer 2024
Scent has become one of the hottest (and set to be enduring) ways to experience positive mental and physical wellbeing and practice self-care, whether you want peace, motivation or all out frivolous fun! Scent ingredients have transcended seasons in order to accommodate; the mood the scent needs to create, the purpose of the scent and the time of day the scent will be enjoyed at – basically fitting around the new scent-scaping idea that all consumers are beginning to embrace as they allow more scents than ever before into their homes, gardens and workspaces.

We also can’t talk about those spaces now without embracing the effect the digital world will be having on the physical world. Whilst the social media bubble may have burst, there is no getting away from the tech-fused future that’s getting closer all the time and in SS24 we begin to see even more lifestyle changes that are trend drivers trickling down into how scent is experienced. At the same time we have consumers obsessed with memories and the past – and as scent has the ability to fuel memory like nothing else we will still see consumers love for classic and memory linked ingredients continue to grow.

  • A 58 page report with 6 exclusive trend concepts which each include; Introduction Board, Trend Mood Board, Trend Drivers Story Board, Colour Influences Board, Fragrance Inspiration Boards for Fine Fragrance, Personal Care & Home Fragrance, an Ingredient Story Board and a New Fragrance Directions.
  • Strategic implications: Despite all the world and financial worries, fragrance is still a globally strong and growing market. This report provides a complete trend framework and prediction analysis to help you and the team focus on creating new scents for aircare applications.
  • Drive creativity: Our Home Fragrance Trend Forecasts are designed to be immediately ‘actionable’ by global creative teams, and offer an in-depth insight and analysis into the next new seasonal fragrance trends for the home.

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New fragrance ideas

Each trend comes with approximately 30 new ideas and combinations for future scent development. With around 180 new ideas for the season you can answer briefs for multiple clients or pick fragrances to suit your range extensions.

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Ingredient Tracking

The next newest berry, flower, gourmand or fresh notes are explored for each trend, exploring where the development of the fragrance ingredients for the next new season.

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Global Trend Drivers

Lifestyle trend drivers are tracked and mapped for each trend, giving a rationale and background story as to why the trend is happening and what influence these have on the new fragrance trends. Colour, fashion, beauty and interior trends are also referenced.

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Fragrance Market Expert 

These forecasts are crafted by a fragrance industry marketer who has been forecasting scent trends for almost 20 years. They are used by manufacturers, brand owners and CPG’s worldwide as an industry leading creative resource that guarantee a commercial edge.

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