Bath and Body Works releases seasonal Holiday fragrances for 2023

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Festive seasonal scents from Bath & Body Works with old favourites and new releases for Holiday and Christmas 2023

Roz Wicks

As the number 1 brand in the US for air care its always exciting to see what’s launching and what’s trending at Bath & Body Works. Thankfully I have US based friends who can keep me stocked up. I’m not entirely sure their husbands appreciate me sending them to Bath & Body Works stores, because no-one ever leaves empty handed, but ‘it’s for work’ so that makes any purchase not technically count. Its like any calories you consume alongside a friend. They just don’t count.

This season we are seeing fun new festive launches as well as traditional favourites returning.

Tapping into the still ongoing trend for ‘outdoorsy’ and winter woodland inspired scents there are 3 returning fragrances inspired by evergreen trees: Under the Christmas Tree, Fresh Balsam and Tree Farm.

On the recent launches front, gold is a key colourway for the 2023 fragrance scene and BBW have tapped into this with the new scents Golden Berry Mistletoe, Cookie Butter Truffle and Jolly Gingerbread Village.

Bath & Body Works 2023 Holiday Story Scents:

  • Winter: white woods, pine needles and sparkling clementine 
  • Bright Christmas Morning: ripe red berries, blood orange and crisp apple 
  • The Perfect Christmas: fresh cut pine, cinnamon sugar and toasted marshmallow  
  • Under the Christmas Tree: fir balsam, juniper berries and vanilla eggnog  
  • Fresh Balsam: woodland balsam, crisp eucalyptus and fir branches  
  • Tree Farm: crisp pine needle, warm cedar and spiced apple   
  • Strawberry Snowflakes: juicy strawberry, whipped cream and iced bergamot  
  • Winterberry Wonder: ruby frost winterberry, sparkling cranberry and crystal vanilla   
  • Snowflakes and Cashmere: vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods and frosted clementine  
  • Vanilla Bean Noel: fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream and snow-kissed musk  
  • Twisted Peppermint: cool peppermint, sugared snow, fresh balsam and vanilla buttercream  
  • Winter Candy Apple: red apples, winter rose petals, candied oranges, maple leaf and fresh cinnamon  
  • NEW To All a Good Night: cool winter breeze, sweet lavender dreams and cozy blanket  
  • NEW Jolly Gingerbread Village: golden gingerbread, vanilla icicles and yuletide timber 
  • NEW Cookie Butter Truffle: cookie butter, whipped cream and vanilla extract 
  • NEW White Birch and Vetiver: white birch, frosted vetiver and warm cashmere 
  • NEW Pink Sparkling Spritz: bubbly ginger ale, pink sugar and raspberry fizz  
  • NEW Golden Berry Mistletoe: sparkling berries, sugared spruce and frosted air  
  • NEW Raspberry Thumbprint: buttery shortbread, rich raspberry jam and powdered sugar 
  • NEW Silver Snowfall: cotton snowfall, bergamot zest and warm sandalwood 
  • NEW Feliz Navid: Champurrado spiced Mexican chocolate, caramel piloncillo and steamed milk  
  • NEW Happy Hanukkah: pillowy fried donut, sweet jelly filling and powdered sugar.

For a category deep dive into seasonal scents with new trend driving products, and future fragrance focused predictions, get in touch and ask for a bespoke project proposal or download one of the seasonal trend trackers from the online shop.

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