Autumn + Fall 2023 Home Fragrance Trend Tracker

Autumn & Fall is still the time of year where the home fragrance markets get an extra boost in sales. Consumers embark on aromatic Autumn adventures and satisfy their cravings for all things cosy by indulging their senses with seasonal scents! However, what was once all about harvest fruits and chilly evening fireside scents has become so much more. Wellbeing through scent has elevated every trend for the season; bringing new ways to experience favourite notes; cinnamon, cedar, amber and vanilla, as well as favourite Autumn/ Fall moments.

9 key trends guide us through Autumn 2023 – recapping 94 market evolving launches and highlighting ‘noteworthy’ ingredients and themes that are driving market trends.


Trend Tracker Reports are designed to give fragrance teams key insights into current trends alongside a recap of the previous season from the year before. The ‘What’s new’ slide is an insightful overview into the main market drivers before an in-depth look with supporting product launches through the curated trend stories for the season.

Designed to give perfumers, evaluators, marketers and sales teams key insights into what trend themes are evolving the market and a focused analysis into olfactive preferences shaping the home fragrance and air care sector for consumers.



Autumn notes of warmth are more sophisticated in one way and more fun in another. The hot beverage inspiration aka the café trend has made some clever ‘flavour’ combinations come to life, whereas the fireside trend has morphed into a new style of warmth – something much more exotic and richer.


Golden woods, golden amber and golden vanilla – across the board it’s all looking much more sophisticated from blonde woods to spicy musks and lashings of amber accords to wrap consumers in coziness of a new kind.


Perhaps in juxtaposition to the ‘warm notes’ there has been a renewed focus on clean, green fruits such as pear, citrus notes such as bergamot and even some vegetal notes such as green lettuce and radish (see Shrine Flora Punk later in the report). With fig, apricots, wild berries, grass, dandelions and Autumn rain (water is a seasonless trend it seems) consumers are enjoying the clarity nature provides through scent.

  • Seasonal insights: 9 market influencing macrotrend trend stories that guide you through the season; in this case Autumn + Fall 2023 including an introduction summing up the essence of the trend and highlighting key ingredient notes.
  • Trend Mapping: These macrotrends are grouped by compelling, creative trend stories and market driving concepts such as ‘Couture Cosy’, ‘Fruitful Fall’ and ‘Woodland Vert’.
  • New launches + noteworthy ingredients: 94 new launches from market leading brands – including fragrance descriptions. Within the individual trend stories the tracker also highlights ‘noteworthy’ ingredients that are driving market trends.
  • Strategic implications:  This report provides a trend framework, breaking down the new launches into categories and trend stories to help you and the team focus on creating new scents, understanding olfactive evolution via trend concepts, answering briefs and bringing new products to global markets.
  • The 32 page report contents includes: 9 key trends guide us through Autumn + Fall 2023 – recapping 94 new market evolving launches and 7 ‘noteworthy’ ingredient highlights that are driving market trends.

This report forms part of our suite of macro forecasts looking at fragrance trends and forecasting the new focus notes and ingredients for the future. TrendAroma’s macro forecasts are produced with a global outlook ensuring they have broad relevance across all regional markets. Our trends are validated by data, industry examples and our specialist trend tracking methodology.

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