Fine Fragrance Trend Stories Report

Trend Forecast: Spring 2023 An exciting start to a new year of fragrance trends, with launches from key brands, new consumer trends, data insights and new olfactive families being teamed up and explored. The Report tracks trends in Men’s, Women’s and Genderless scents exploring 12 new influential macrotrends, breaking down key ingredients and themes with a look to how these concepts and fragrance notes will be evolving the fragrance scene of the future.


Welcome to the Quarter 1 Spring 2023 Fine Fragrance Trend Stories Report, tracking and discussing the hottest trend stories of Winter 2023 to Spring 2023 – January until end of April 2023.

This Fine Fragrance Trend Stories report maps over 72 new global launches. Each trend story features future focused ingredient insights that will help your creative team develop new scent ranges across all fragrance sectors from personal care to home care.

We analysed and tracked global fine fragrance launches and ‘everything new’ in Q1 from niche, premium, mass and indie brands across all genders, and grouped these influential macrotrends to create 12 new trend stories with themes including ‘Sweet Greens’, ‘Carnal Creations’ and ‘Sun Worship’.

Market Data.

Fragrance sales remain buoyant and the global market for fine fragrance was worth $57.4bn (US dollars) and grew +9.1% according to Euromonitor International at the end of 2022. Business Research Insights say the global luxury and niche perfume market is expected to expand at a booming CAGR of 14.24% to be worth over $5 billion by 2027.

Report Contents.

• A Market Landscape with data + a Trend Snapshot
• Key Themes + Notes of Now & Next – 5 macro driven trend themes
• Fragrance Trends: Men – 5 micro driven trend themes
• Fragrance Trends: Women – 5 micro driven trend themes
• Fragrance Trends: Genderless – 5 micro driven trend themes.
• 12 Trends Stories: Each fragrance story is covered by an introduction summing up the key essence of the trend, followed by information on the new launches – where we breakdown top, heart and base notes and launch information, plus take a look into ‘what’s next’ with the ‘future fragrance focus’ section discussing inspirational notes and ingredients to be used when developing new fragrance stories, collections and ‘trickledown’ sector launches.

  • The key notes of now and next: The report begins with an ‘at a glance’ trend tracking update, helping you and the team discover the key fragrance trends disrupting and influencing the market. We then break this down further focusing on the key trends within men’s, women’s and genderless scent themes before going into the 12 exclusive trend stories.
  • Macrotrend: Scent as self identity: We are entering a new horizon in fragrance as Gen Z really exert their influence and quest for self identity into the fragrance market –  changing the boundaries for many other demographics too. Fragrance is becoming ‘snackable’ a term coined by WGSN – where instead of having just a signature scent, consumers are finding several key scents that they love, then adding in new scents and combining and layering fragrances for their mood, for self-expression and for pleasure – the ultimate form of personalisation and using scent as self care and self -identity.
  • Strategic implications:  The fragrance sector, especially prestige, is still a globally strong and growing market. This report provides a trend framework, breaking down the new launches into categories and trend stories to help you and the team focus on creating new scents, answering briefs and bringing new products to the market across all fragrance sectors.
  • The 35 page report contents includes: 12 exclusive Trend Stories to explore, 72 + new launches with fragrance descriptions, notes and innovative new ideas for products and ranges in our ‘future fragrance focus’ section on every trend board.

This report forms part of our suite of macro forecasts looking at fragrance trends and forecasting the new focus notes and ingredients for the future. TrendAroma’s macro forecasts are produced with a global outlook ensuring they have broad relevance across all regional markets. Our trends are validated by data, industry examples and our specialist trend tracking methodology.

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Yummy Newness

Find out what gourmand will be doing as we move into a new season. There are some very interesting new developments and concepts as nostalgia and the mood for ‘just vanilla’ moves on.

Desert Vibes

The golden glow of the desert sunset and the raw, earthy notes that are inspiring a whole heap of ‘hot botanicals’. Find new ingredient suggestions in the ‘future focus’ section of each trend.

Floral Happiness

Flowers or florals are the biggest category in fragrance globally, and we have seen many new launches this spring celebrating blossoms, petals and blooms. The ‘Floral Optimism’ trend covers what’s hot and what’s next.

‘Beast Mode’ Power

Strong, heightened, elixir style fragrances are still shaping the men’s fragrance scene. On TikTok they are referred to as ‘Beast Mode’ scents due to their powerful sillage’s which leave a lasting impression.

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