Bespoke trend research, reports & presentations

Category deep dives with data and analysis into key fragrance sectors from hair care to body care – home fragrance to fine fragrance, delivered ready to present to sales and creative teams or straight out to customers.

On brand presentations for your sales team to win a new brief, present new fragrance collection ideas, run a fragrance training workshop or present new or seasonal trend concepts to a customer.

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Retain a marketing expert

You may have a team in place that just needs an industry expert to be able to jump in and help with client requests, new projects and ongoing marketing tasks, as an extension of your team, or you may have no team in place, but need specific marketing tasks completing. Book in blocks of time and get a set of ‘industry expert marketing hands’ at your disposal.

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Get content created for you 

Content marketing is so important to any industry these days. Putting it together is a big process – which takes time, commitment and skill and too many marketing & creative teams feel completely overwhelmed doing this on top of all the other work they do. 

You can hand over the content creation and management of your company or brand content to us and we can create you a package that works for you and connects you to your customers. If you want to raise brand awareness, build a ‘voice’ in the industry and make the customer experience engaging and useful then look at getting a content strategy built for your company.

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Outsource your Social Media Marketing

Need a marketer to manage the set up, content creation, collaboration and management of social media accounts for Your company?

TrendAroma Marketing focus on LinkedIn company pages and Instagram as these are the hottest channels in the B2B fragrance industry for audience use and engagement.

We optimise these channels for creativity and customer experience – creating branded, relevant media and key content following a content plan put together to meet your marketing, brand and business objectives.

Optimise your corporate marketing

From company brochures, newsletters, market reports, digital corporate information to corporate brochure; everything that you can share with new clients and current clients.

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Strategy & Marketing Plans

Brand strategies, marketing strategies and marketing plans, for established companies and start ups, to make sure you are getting the right message to current and potential customers and improve your market share.

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