Bespoke Marketing Services


We provide a full, tailor made marketing services so you can outsource individual projects or your whole marketing work load. Since 2016 we’ve provided marketing services to a variety of companies across the globe on both a project and retained basis, offering practical, cost effective marketing expertise. Our confidential, flexible approach means you can use our service ad hoc without being tied to a contract. We act as your ‘marketing department’ on call 24/7 offering objective advice and proactive support.


make you brand stand out

Marketing is essential for any business. Customers are more demanding than ever as they have limited time and limited resources, so anything you can do to help them work out a commercial new range or show how on top of the sector you are and why they should invest in you is the difference between success and failure. You need good Marketing to help you do this.

What sets us apart from other Agencies is that we work exclusively for companies involved in the fragrance sector. Our Reports, Forecasts and Services are tailored to the industry and backed up with 15 years of expert knowledge, experience and success.

social media content

Whether your company or brand needs help creating, updating or managing your social media platforms you can have a package tailored to your needs. We will help you develop your company blog, create and run your email marketing campaigns and be engaging and relevant across all your social media platforms.



We can create a new website for you or refresh an existing site. We specialise in WordPress sites which can be managed by you once completed – giving you complete flexibility and no ongoing costs. 

We can help you source the photography, build pages and menus and create key content. We can train you in website admin or manage your site for you.


content marketing

Content marketing is so important to any industry these days. Putting it together is a big process – which takes time, commitment and skill and too many marketing & creative teams feel completely overwhelmed doing this on top of all the other work they do. Many company social feeds and online presence are inconsistent, out of date, lacking in good content and not taking advantage of one of today’s most important communication opportunities for potential or current customers.

You can hand over the content creation and management of your company or brand content to us and we can create you a package that works for you and connects you to your customers.



Every company needs an introduction to potential new customers and its not something that can be put together a few days before a visit as an afterthought. This is your companies chance to shine and make a real impression, which means good design and excellent copy are a must.

As one of our bespoke services we offer professional presentations designed around your vision and budget. Built with your brand in mind and including all the unique information needed to introduce your company to potential new customers. We use your brand logo, company colours and corporate guidelines to put together something totally unique. If you are still at the begin of branding your company – not to worry as that’s something we can help you out with.

online brand management

We can also manage your companies LinkedIn profile and updates to keep your professional image current and fresh. We can walk you through the process from creation to content or help you plan an information strategy for existing accounts. As one of the world’s biggest professional networks you will find potential new clients, contacts and a wealth of current industry news. Some of the biggest companies in the world recognise the importance of this professional platform so if you are not there yet it’s a must have for your marketing strategy.



We ensure your business stays ‘front of mind’, with your customers by designing creative and professional newsletters for you to share with your customers. You can shape the content of the document or let us put something together for you. This type of marketing is focused on information sharing and is a great way to compliment your other work from trend collections or new technologies. Share the hottest trends, the latest innovations, the top industry news. Show your customers you are connected, focused and relevant.

You can choose how the package that suits you best – do you want a document to publish monthly, a document to email around every quarter, an email sent out every week? As your off site marketing team we can put it all together for you.


What they say about first impressions is true and they should always be a positive experience to create a long lasting business relationship. However, your brand and your company is ever changing and dynamic. How we do business these days continues to evolve. Global markets change, customers and business relationships change, which is why its so important to always monitor what you are putting ‘out there’. Our bespoke services offer you the ability to create your own marketing package so you can mix all the correct ‘ingredients’ to get your brand message across and stay ahead of your competitors.

Global Trend Reports

Trends that really work are based on sound commercial knowledge and the ability to work creatively with this information. We create unique trend forecasts for all sectors of the fragrance market. We help you build new range ideas and capture new customers in Personal Care Markets, Home Fragrance markets and Fine Fragrance markets.

If you need immediate Forecasts or Reports we also have a web shop which contains all of our latest releases available for immediate download.



We can help you focus on specific areas of interest for your customers and consumers. For every bespoke Report commissioned we will provide a detailed brief and a finished presentation style report, that focus on your needs and the needs of your customer to give you key information and help you develop commercial, successful ideas. Your bespoke Reports are compiled in PowerPoint so can be used at key meetings or shared with your team. 

unique presentations

Our Reports, Forecast and presentations are all created in PowerPoint as it’s the most flexible way to use information. It can be shown, shared, edited and added to online portals. We place a huge emphasis on creative design to make each one inspiring, information packed, professional and visually dynamic. But, you don’t have to take out word for it. You can give us a call or pop an email over for samples so you can see for yourself. We are firm believers in our customers happiness and getting you exactly what you need on time and time after time!



We work with manufacturers, brands and retailers across the fragrance sector.

If you would like talk to use about your business needs call us on +44 (0)7557 768007 or send an email to