Yankee Candle just announced its Scent of the Year for 2020

‘Awaken’ the scent for a new decade, is designed to help you feel centred.

Yankee Candle just announced its second annual ‘Scent of the Year’, and this time around, it’s all about simplicity and transparency. The scent, called “Awaken,” has top notes of sheer peony and crystal freesia; mid notes of clary sage essential oil, orcanox, and driftwood; and base notes of white amber, patchouli, and mineral musk.

A sparkling, inspiring scent focused on a unique, exhilarating mineral aura, with grounding notes of driftwood and amber.

Top: Crisp and Clean Notes, Sheer Peony, Crystal Freesia
Mid: Clary Sage Essential Oil, Orcanox, Driftwood
Base: White Amber, Patchouli, Mineral Musk

A quick reminder back to floral notes of last years launch, (the first year of what will hopefully continue to be an annual tradition) and the scent was ‘One Together’; described as refreshingly distinctive chorus of floral notes including Gilly Flower, Star Jasmine and Miracle Flower, with hints of Black Pepper, Mandarin and Nectarine, and an undertone of Amber, Sandalwood and Suede Blush.

“We’ve learned through our research for Scent of the Year that there is a significant cultural shift away from always wanting more: More options, more communication, more material clutter,” Anna Whitton, vice president of marketing at The Yankee Candle Company said in a press release. “Increasingly, people want to simplify their lives, unplug from the constant chatter of technology, and reconnect with themselves and with those they care about. Consumers are seeking out meaningful experiences that bring them a greater sense of self.

Jennifer Genson, Yankee Candle’s Fragrance Development Lead, noted that the scent is also perfect to start the year off right. “Awaken was developed to inspire you to open your eyes to the simple beauty of the everyday, giving you a clear, bright vision for the new year,” she said.

Source: House Beautiful & Yankee Candle