Yankee Candle Fragrance Trends 2020

Wowsers (love that word – pretty sure it was Inspector Gadget, but anyway) – 2020 has been a bit of a strange year so far, but luckily for me I’ve spent most of it immersed in new launches and fragrance trends, compiling monthly reports and working on new ideas for my business and website, which has kept me productive and happy.

We had a mini slow down of the home fragrance market in June, but July has made up for it already. In the fragrance industry we always talk about the amount of fine fragrance launches per year, but unless you are a Home Fragrance New Product Report Subscriber, you probably don’t realise how many launches there are in the home fragrance/ air care sector; its at least 1200+ per year! The market has grown tremendously in the last few years and is still going strong.

However, I know with everything going on that many people haven’t had the time to keep on top of the releases (ahem. blatant sales plug; never miss a launch by subscribing to our reports), so I’ve tried to do a comprehensive list of the ‘world’s favourite home fragrance brand’ below, so you can scroll through the Yankee Candle fragrance trends in 2020, from your, now very familiar, home office!  I’ve added both the new UK/EU scents and US editions as there are different launches dependent on destination country.

Scent of the Year; January 2020

We talked about this scent on the blog at the beginning of the year.

The scent, “Awaken,” has top notes of sheer peony and crystal freesia; mid notes of clary sage essential oil, orcanox, and driftwood; and base notes of white amber, patchouli, and mineral musk. A sparkling, inspiring scent focused on a unique, exhilarating mineral aura, with grounding notes of driftwood and amber.

Top: Crisp and Clean Notes, Sheer Peony, Crystal Freesia
Mid: Clary Sage Essential Oil, Orcanox, Driftwood
Base: White Amber, Patchouli, Mineral Musk

Garden Hideaway Collection; Part 1 January 2020

Afternoon Escape: A woodland escape into an enchanted garden, with sun-warmed cypress, jasmine, lemon and cedar.

Top Notes: Lemon, Cypress
Mid Notes: Geranium, Lily, Jasmine
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Woods.

Camellia Blossom: Soft and peaceful, your favourite spot in the garden enveloped in the luminous fragrance of camellia.

Top Notes: Sea Salt, Apple Blossom
Mid Notes: Camellia, Jasmine, Orange Flower
Base Notes: Patchouli, White Cedar, Musk

​Homemade Herb Lemonade: Your very own freshly squeezed lemonade, made with a hint of ginger and garnished with herbs picked right from your garden.

Top Notes: Lemon, Crushed Ginger, Mint
Mid Notes: Clary Sage, Thyme
Base Notes: Bayleaf, Sugarcane, Vanilla

​Sunny Daydream: (Summer Daydream in the US) Drift away among the flowers with the warm, sweet scents of exotic ylang ylang, bergamot and jasmine.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Citrus Blossoms
Mid Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

​Roseberry Sorbet: (Summer Time Treats Collection USA) Pure refreshment on a sunny day, tangy berry sorbet topped with a sprinkling of candied rose petals.

Top Notes: Brazilian Grape, Orange Zest
Mid Notes: Rose Petals, Hibiscus
Base Notes: Marine, Vanilla

US Only Edition

Sweet Pea Madeline’s: almond extract, sweet pea petals and vanilla.

Elevation Collection January 2020

Salt Mist Peony: Wake to a misty morning on the coast. Your cottage garden full of dewy blossoms and berries.

​Rice Milk & Honey: Warm rice milk gently sweetened with natural honey and dashes of cinnamon and vanilla. Perfect comfort.

Easter 2020 UK/EU

Sweet Bunny Treats: The scent of mouth-watering vanilla cake topped with whipped buttercream frosting, decorated like an adorable bunny to delight your Easter guests.

Top: Whipped Vanilla Frosting, Lemon Sugar, Frothed Milk
Mid: Cake Batter, Baked Accord, Buttercream, Allspice
Base: Vanilla Bean, Tonka

Chocolate Eggs: Rich and creamy chocolate eggs with vanilla scented candy shells, recreating the fragrance of a purely decadent Easter treat.

Top: Chocolate Mousse Pudding, Cocoa
Mid: Fruity Cranberry, Sugar
Base: Vanilla Extract

Easter Collection USA

Easter Bouquet: A lush bouquet of happy spring flowers — peonies and tulips — arranged with crisp and juicy fruit.

Top Notes: Ozone, Apple, Melon
Mid Notes: Tulips, Cyclamen, Hyacinth, Peony
Base Notes: Creamy Musk

Sweet Bunny Carrots: A refreshing blend infused with the essence of spring — sweet carrots with sugar beet and a touch of citrus.

Top Notes: Citrus, Watery Notes
Mid Notes: Carrot Blossom, Cucumber
Base Notes: Sugar Beet, Musk

Bunny Vanilla Cupcakes: The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing.

Top Notes: Vanilla Icing, Malted Sugar
Mid Notes: Cake Batter, Chocolate
Base Notes: Cocoa, Vanilla Bean

Elevation Collection April 2020

Sea Salt & Lavender: Soothing lavender and refreshing sea salt complement and elegant blend of florals & fruit.

Kumquat & Orange: The essence of sunlight distilled into a bright and shiny blend of tart citrus fruits.

Garden Hideaway Part 2

Calamansi Cocktail: A drink designed for sipping in your favourite shaded garden spot, both tantalising and relaxing with hints of tart citrus fruit.

Top Notes: Kumquat, Lemon Zest
Mid Notes: Pepper, Green mandarin, Grapefruit
Base Notes: Blonde Cedar, Patchouli Leaves

Garden Picnic: Bring your blanket and a basket of the ripest, juiciest fruit for a sunny picnic among the flowers.

Top Notes: Apricot, Peaches, Nectarines, Nashi Pear.
Mid Notes: Yellow Iris, Waterlily.
Base Notes: Warm Musk, Golden Amber, Sandalwood.

​Water Garden: White flower’s in full bloom add a sweet perfume to the soothing sounds of cool, flowing water in your backyard oasis.

Top Notes: Cucumber Water, Wildgrass, Pink Lily
Mid Notes: Lotus Flowers, Lily of the Valley, Orchid
Base Notes: Birchbark, Driftwood.

Sweet Honeycomb: Warm honey, straight from the comb, a naturally sweet fragrance with a touch of caramel, sandalwood and vanilla.

Top Notes: Honey, Macadamia
Mid Notes: Sunflower Seeds, Caramel
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cashew Milk, Vanilla

Lime & Coriander: UK/EU edition Garden fresh companions, sweet juicy limes and leafy coriander fill the air with fresh picked fragrance.

Top Notes: Lime, Berries
Mid Notes: Lily of the valley, Coriander.
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tabacco

US Only Edition

Poolside Oasis: Relax by the pool with a view of the ocean just beyond the palms…with airy notes of sea salt, bright botanicals, and a touch of island fruit.

Top Notes: Sea Salt, Marine, Feather Moss
Mid Notes: Waterlily, Freesia, Melon
Base Notes: Beach Wood, Violet

Lime & Cilantro (Summertime Treat Collection USA): Garden-fresh companions, sweet juicy limes and leafy cilantro fill the air with fresh-picked fragrance.

Campfire Nights Collection July 2020

Warm & Cozy: Take a deep breath and take the evocative scent of Cedar, Cashmere & Eucalyptus.

Top notes of Balsam, Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Middle notes: Cashmere, Cedarwood and Golden Amber
Base of Patchouli, Lit Firewood and Musk.

Crisp Campfire Apples: The scent of freshly picked apples cooking over the campfire on the crisp autumn air.

Top Notes: Apple, Clove and Mandarin
Mid Notes: Cinnamon Stick and Oak Leaves
Base Notes: Tonka and Blonde Woods.

A Night Under the Stars: A woody spicy fragrance that sparkles with a constellation of rose, leather and driftwood.

Top Notes: Leather, Spice and Driftwood
Mid Notes: Clove, Saffron and Rose
Base Notes: Frankincense, Patchouli and Cedarwood.

Pecan Pie Bites: The scent of miniature pastries with a sweet spicy filling loaded with toasted pecans.

Top Notes: Cinnamon Leaf, Burnt Sugar and Raw Honey
Mid Notes: White Hazelnut, Pecan and Dark Chocolate
Base Notes: Clove, Oak Wood and Smoked Cedar.

US Only Editions

Autumn Embers: The crackling embers of a bonfire bring fall’s favorite scents, apple, spice, and a touch of smoky firewood.

Elevation Collection July 2020

Grapevine and Saffron: A stroll through a sun-drenched vineyard, the fragrances of lush grapes mingling with golden saffron and sandalwood.

Jasmine & Sweet Hay: Golden Fields of hay warmed by the later-summer sunshine with soothing hints of floral jasmine.

The two new autumn fragrances join the previously-available range, including Sweet Spiced Orange, Tonka Bean & Pumpkin, and Fig & Clove.

Halloween 2020

Haunted Hayride & Trick or Treat return and they are joined by a new addition, Pumpkin Patch.

Elevation Collection October 2020

Available from October and joining the popular returning festive fragrances; Sweet Frosting, Holiday Pomegranate, Holiday Garland and Frosted Fir.

Cinnamon Bark & Cumin: is an exotic spice blend which will fill the room with warm, festive, fuzzy feelings.

Vetiver & Black Cypress: will transport you to a cool, shady forest reminiscent of the colder, darker nights.

Magical Christmas Morning; October 2020

Holiday Hearth: A cozy gathering by the fireplace, all decked out with festive décor, warm, spicy, and sweet, like the magic of holiday traditions:

Top notes: Anise, cinnamon and clove
Mid Notes: Gardenia, cedarwood and oakmoss
Base Notes: Warm musk and vanilla cream.

Singing Carols: A harmonious combination of fruit, evergreen, and spice notes that create an inspiring Christmas melody:

Top Notes: mandarin and eucalyptus
Mid Notes:  Fir needle, juniper and clov
Base Notes: Blackberry, cedarwood and pine.

Surprise Snowfall: UK/EU Only: TBC
Top notes:verbena, elderberry and rosemary,
Mid Notes: Wild moss and silver spruce
Base Notes: Hinoki wood and white cedar.

Christmas Morning Punch: A spectacular blend of ruby-red pomegranate, strawberry, cranberry — a celebratory drink the whole family will love.

Vanilla French Toast: UK/EU only: TBC

US Only Editions

Santa’s Cookies: A treat worthy of Santa’s attention: Freshly baked vanilla sugar cookies with a dash of spice.

​Happy Morning: Awaken to the delight of Christmas morning with a cheerful fragrance bursting with bright berries, evergreens, and a touch of caramel.

New Product Development

Scent Plug bases – Technology has moved on since the current bases were introduced almost 20 years ago and the new Scent Plugs will provide a more even and consistent fragrance that will fill the room. No change to the shape of the refills – so they can still be used with both the current Scent Plugs and the new style.

Wax Melts as we know them are gone! They’ve been a mainstay of the range for over 30 years and they got a makeover for the new decade. Gone is the flat tart-like shape (with hard to open plastic wrapping) and it is replaced by a new cup style in an easy to open recyclable packaging. The new wax formula which will allow a higher level of fragrance oil – providing a stronger scent.