Report Overview

  • This report is released twice a year and will give you and your team instant access to commercial fragrance trends and actual suggestions for the season 18-24 months in advance.
  • All of the concepts are unique to this report and contain what will be the hottest new ideas for the season based on years of forecasting experience.
  • There are approximately 200 new fragrance combinations in the Spring/Summer 2020 Trend Forecast Report to cover the top, commercial olfactive categories and give plenty of choice to fit in with new product development plans, fragrance suggestions & submissions and current or developing ranges.
  • 6 trend concepts which each contain; a trend introduction, concept board, lifestyle influences board, colour story board, product & packaging inspiration board, ingredient story board and new ideas board with fragrance suggestions
  • Give this presentation straight to your Sales or Creative Team. The ideas are already there, over 2 years in advance, helping you develop commercial new fragrances and products well in advance.


A brief introduction…

Fragrance trends for 2020 reveal a more sophisticated and bold approach to home fragrance scents than ever before. We will be seeing an intriguing blend of novel and nostalgic ingredients appear and a big crossover of ingredients from other fragrance sectors, as the new era brings a new approach to the home environment for consumers.
An authentic focus on nature and the natural world has flowed over into scent preferences. A focus of positivity and wellbeing is having a huge influence in fragrance and all six of our trend concepts touch on this renewed sense of self care as well as a big focus on naturals from around the globe – each story is touched with destination and overlaps global ingredient influences.
As we enter the second decade of the new century human kind is beginning to focus more on what is truly precious to us, and what sparks joy. The spirit of home has become more connective, inclusive and welcoming that ever before – our homes have become a haven of relaxation as well as a haven to try new ideas, express our personalities and create happy spaces