Fine Fragrance Trend Stories Report

Trend Forecast: Q2 2022

The fragrance market has had a surprising uplift boost in sales, both during, and following the global pandemic as consumers shifted to a more ‘scent-centric’ positioning noting the profoundly positive impact that fragrances were having on their lives. This report breaks down the latest new trend stories influencing the market so fragrance teams can anticipate the new ingredients, themes and  influencing factors on the fragrance market in 2023 and 2024.

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The Quarter 2 Fine Fragrance Trend Stories report is packed with 150 new launches covering Jan-April 2022, and future focused ingredient insights for each trend, that will help your creative team develop new scent ranges across all fragrance sectors.

We analysed and tracked global fine fragrance launches in latter 2021 and ‘everything new’ in Q1 & Q2 2022 from niche, premium, mass and indie brands across all genders, and grouped these influential macrotrends to create 13 new trend stories with themes including ‘Green Snap’, ‘Rose Optimism’ and ‘Citrus Vibe’.

In 2021 global premium fragrances were expected to be worth $28.85bn with a +5% market growth and mass fragrances were expected to be worth $17.76bn with a +5.9% growth according to Euromonitor International. According to NPD, in 2021 sales of colognes, perfumes and other fragrance ‘juices’ rose by  61% YoY (year-on-year) and the US premium market surged by 45%.

  • A Market Landscape with data + a Trend Snapshot
  • Key Themes + Notes of Now & Next – 5 macro driven trend themes
  • Hot Fragrance Trends: Men – 5 micro driven trend themes
  • Hot Fragrance Trends: Women – 5 micro driven trend themes
  • Hot Fragrance Trends: Genderless – 5 micro driven trend themes

Each fragrance story is covered by an introduction summing up the key essence of the trend, followed by information on the new launches (150 fragrances are included) – where we breakdown top, heart and base notes and launch information, plus a ‘future fragrance focus’ discussing the notes to be used when developing new fragrance stories, collections and ‘trickledown’ sector launches.

The key notes of now and next: The report begins with an ‘at a glance’ trend tracking update, helping you and the team discover the key fragrance trends disrupting and influencing the market. We then break this down further focusing on the key trends within men’s, women’s and genderless scent themes before going into the 13 exclusive trend stories.

Macrotrend: Brighter & bolder: Throughout the report you will see how interconnected each trend story is – as wider consumer trend drivers overlap and influence scent preferences. From the bold and bright florals that explore fantasy notes, such as red orchid to the sweetest (yet found in nature) fruit nectars that are emerging, as we move on from the pandemic influenced ‘safe, known and nostalgic’ – to the new way Millennials and Gen Z are exploring the ‘green’ category and sustainable fragrance ingredients and notes.

• Strategic implications: Despite all the world and financial worries, scent is still a globally strong and growing market. This report provides a trend framework, breaking down the new launches into categories and trend stories to help you and the team focus on creating new scents, answering briefs and bringing new products to the market across all fragrance sectors.

• The 49 page report contents includes: 13 exclusive Trend Stories to explore, with fragrance descriptions, notes and innovative new ideas for products and ranges in our ‘future fragrance focus’ section on every trend board.

This report forms part of our suite of annual macro forecasts looking at fragrance trends and forecasting the new focus notes and ingredients for the future. TrendAroma’s macro forecasts are produced with a global outlook ensuring they have broad relevance across all regional markets. Our trends are validated by data, industry examples and our specialist trend tracking methodology.

From a re-invigoration of more purposeful scents, to vegan, clean and upcycled ingredients, decadent new florals, a homage to the happiness of sunshine, urban destinations or food inspired fragrances with new gourmand characters –  there are no shortage of new notes, evolving gender categories and trend stories for exploration.

Savoury Green Notes

From ‘clean’ green notes such green tea, green mandarin, mint and apple to vegetables such as fennel and cauliflower and the trend for cannabis notes, we are seeing green move on its 1970’s image to new horizons.

Spotlight Wellbeing

We have seen a growing number of fragrances with a focus on personal wellness and sustainability and a greater drive for transparency around raw materials, particularly in the independent and niche fragrance industry, and this trend is already influencing mass product lines.

citrus fragrance trends

Happy Citrus

From sweet syrupy quince notes to bright bergamot , mandarin to kumquat, grapefruit to splashes of ginger – citrus and bright citrus-y notes are having a ‘moment in the sun’ – as fragrances are designed to uplift and revitalise.

bestselling perfumes

Scent Exploration

This trend explores new destinations as an inspirational backdrop to create fragrances that represent both; collective pieces of memories alongside introducing consumers to new locations through scent notes.

about new fragrance trends

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