Zara Home Good Feeling Candle & Reed Collection

This new collection rolls botanical, apothecary, aromatherapy, emotion and sophisticated fragrances into one.

Capturing a mood, a state of mind or maybe a positive mental reaction is the start of the functional fragrances trend. I think that beyond the ‘normal notes’ we expect to have a functional benefit; such as bergamot or lavender we will begin to see functional ingredient as ones that have a specific effect – especially ingredients linked to global scent memories – vanilla, coconut and similar for example don’t have traditional scent benefits like citrus’s which increase motivation or productivity, but we all love the smell and they do have an effect on our wellbeing – hence its function!

There are 6 new fragrances below which come as a candle or reed diffuser and their minimal design definitely makes them look more wholesome. Scent are genderless with notes including; heliotrope, raspberry, leather, peony, rhubarb, osmanthus, jasmine, pepper and cedar – so packing in all the trends! I haven’t smelt them yet, but as 2020 is definitely a BIG year for home fragrance I should imagine with their ‘pick me up – emotionally’ style that they will be a big hit!

Earnest: By the end of the… | Woody and with hints of leather. Fruity and lavender notes add freshness.
Top notes – fern.
Heart notes – leather, wood.
Base notes – fruity.

Serenity: Ugoki | Floral, featuring jasmine and osmanthus flower, with a delicate woody hint.
Top notes – jasmine petals.
Heart notes – osmanthus.
Base notes – cedar wood, ambrox

Pride: Cuir Nuit | Spicy notes, leather and a hint of freshness courtesy of bergamot and peony.
Top notes – pepper.
Heart notes – peony, iris.
Base notes – leather, patchouli

Optimism: Musk Shades | A blend of citrus kumquat, floral mimosa and hints of tea and musk.
Top notes – kumquat, mint.
Heart notes – mimosa.
Base notes – tea, musk.

Unlimited: La Violette | Floral, featuring violet flowers and leaves. The addition of raspberry and watermelon creates a unique scent.
Top notes – violet leaves, watermelon.
Heart notes – violet, lily.
Base notes – heliotrope, raspberry.

Delightful: Pomelo Bliss | An explosion of citrus thanks to notes of grapefruit and orange peel. Its freshness is reinforced with hints of verbena leaf and cedar.
Top notes – grapefruit, rosemary.
Heart notes – pine, verbena.
Base notes – rhubarb, cedar wood.