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Four mood-boosting sustainable home fragrance collections

British fragrance house Floral Street has just launched four mood-boosting sustainable home fragrance collections.

As well as creating an inviting ambience, the collection has sustainability at its heart, made from natural cotton wicks, soy, and vegan oil. Hand-poured in the UK, each product is also free from alcohol, presented in reusable glass containers/bottles, and responsibly sourced.

‘When we were developing our clean and conscious home range, I realised that what we don’t put in is just as important as what we do put in,’ says Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street. ‘Taking out all the harmful elements enables the fine fragrance to shine though.’

The range includes candles (£34) and diffusers (£34) with the tagline of ‘bloom wherever you are’.

Urban Bloom Collection

Upbeat and uplifting, the Urban Bloom collection is packed with notes of vibrant hyacinth, jasmine, red orchid and citrus. Perfect if you’re looking to add a burst of sunshine to your space.

Sunshine Bloom: Ready, Steady, Slow – a recalibrating scent with a gentle burn. Encounter soft musk amber laced with Madagascan black pepper, coconut entwined with jasmine petals, fig, and wild orchid, alongside cashmere woods with salted musk. Run free and re-connect with nature.
Vanilla Bloom: While we can’t promise real-life skipping through fields of flowers, we can transport you there. Rock rose is dialed up by juicy plum over a generous heap of golden vanilla and finished with a layering of crisp amber. Utterly joyous.
Spring Bouquet: A fusion of crisp, green floral fusion with pockets of rhubarb, bay, and cedarwood. A clean, mood-lifting fragrance perfect for the presence of company but built just for you. Smells like home.

Night Bloom Collection

Looking for intense, spicy, rich and woody scents? Well, the Night Bloom collection ticks all the right boxes. Combining bold ingredients such as; earthy amber, guaiac woods, Texas cedarwood and saffron.

Midnight Tulip: The iconic black tulip forms the centerpiece of this scent, a darkly brooding blend to while away the night to. Amber, incense, and patchouli are elevated with lemon, saffron and powdery damask rose.

Fireside: What better place to curl up beside than at the foot of a fireplace? It is, well, the dream. That dream’s realisation is Fireplace, a blend of juniper and birch leaf, elevated with a touch of raspberry.

Santal: A member of London’s modern-day Intelligentsia; artsy, cultured, and refined. Guaiac wood, vanilla beans, and Texas Cedarwood chime as one, bringing an exotic, well-travelled, air to living spaces.

Rose Garden Collection

‘The ultimate power player flower, Rose Garden offers a harmonious blend of rose, peony and patchouli, with unexpected flashes of cotton candy, fresh guava and green apple. This elegant floral trio offers a rose for all rooms!

Rose Provence: it’s a rose. But not like the other roses. A soft rose core, latticed with raspberry, violet, and harmonised with patchouli blends. Powerful, energetic, and ruffled around the edges.

Wonderland Bloom: Is there anything more joy-inducing than a bunch of pink peonies? Well, yes – a candle infused to fill your room with their just-bloomed scent, plus a splash of crisp Sicilian lemon, fresh guava, and pink cotton candy. As chic as it gets.

Lady Emma: A fresh take on the Lady Emma Hamilton rose, named after the Eighteenth-Century model and muse. Fitting, since this candle is as alluring as they come. Armfuls of apricot-tinged roses are offset against green apple and leaf accord.

White Florals Collection

With notes of grapefruit bloom, this scent is crisp, soft and clean. The perfect pairing for calming experiences, expect bursts of tuberose, grass, green tea and ripe grapefruit. Designed to be a ‘dreamy burst of joy’, it’s ideal for those who love fresh fragrances.

Citrus Rose: Here’s the thing: not all roses are sweet and delicate. The crisp white rose petals tucked inside Citrus Rose are punchy, bold, and shot through with pink grapefruit zest and cassis, with a breath of sandalwood overhead.

White Rose: This is it: your ultimate candle life partner. A bundle of just-snipped rose stems, delivered in crisp white parchment paper. A warm, sensual amber core adds depth, while sparkling cassis and fresh pear stride overhead. Sophisticated and fresh, minimalist and clean.

Covent Garden Tuberose: Just-bloomed tuberoses are brightened with patchouli and tempered by the gentle thrum of gardenia. Clove buds and oakmoss join the party, with a final brushstroke of vanilla. Expect compliments. Hundreds

Grapefruit Bloom: The ultimate mood-lifter: a burst of upbeat optimism brought to you by way of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, and passion fruit, softened with the light touch of Lily of the Valley, over a wash of warm musk and crisp amber. Your morning meditation, in candle form.

Home Fragrance Scent Trends: Cocktails notes make perfect home scents

The cocktail and drinks trend is still in full swing. Lime Mojito, pink fizz from Prosecco to Gin and citrus infusions top the list in summer 2019. Looking back at the New Product Report for Home Fragrance so far this year, the influence crossing over from cocktails, both traditional ‘flavours’ and new concoctions look set to continue.

This latest collection from Homesick Candles is beautiful. It’s so important these days to convey fragrance types and scent online – packaging and product shots are key and I think you’ll agree that they have done a fabulous job! Read on to see the new collection plus some of this years launches based on the cocktail/beverage theme that have been featured in some of this years New Product Reports.

The Homesick candles limited edition collection is made up of 3 key ‘cocktails’. I love how decorative home fragrances now come with top, middle and base notes – it just gives it that more sophisticated and complex feel.

Midsummer Mojito
Top: Kaffir Lime, Lemon Wedge, Iced accord
Mid: Mint Leaves, Verbena, Raw Coconut
Bottom: Peppermint Candy, Rum, Sugared Vanilla

Sunshine Spritz
Top: Ruby Pomegranate, Bitter Oranges
Mid: Wild Berries, Limoncello Splash, Quince
Bottom: Blushed Prosecco, Wine Spritzer, Tonka Bean

Poolside Pina
Top: Coconut Waters, Lemon Blossom, Lime
Mid: Orange Rind, Tonka Bean, Pineapple Halves
Bottom: Misted Musk, Coconut Milk, Tiare Flower

Launched by US brand Pier 1 these were a bit of a deviation from the cocktail theme, but still influenced by the alcohol/beverage theme. Obviously Grape was a key note! The pots are beautiful as well – lovely clear, coloured glass and cork lids ready to be re-purposed after use.

In May, Partylite launched Passionfruit Prosecco; a fizzy mix of crisp apple and bright lemon mingled with Summer berries and soft peach.

Bath and Body Works launched ‘Summer Sippin’ with:

Island Margarita – ​ Sweet Mandarin, Island Mango, Sea Salt

Peach  Bellini – Succulent White Peach, Sparkling Prosecco, Sweet Orange

Pink Apple Punch – Green Apple, Juicy Honeycrisp, Pink Melon Punch

Ikea launched its ‘Kanske’ collection, which comprised of 2 limited edition scents inspired by summer drinks and the ‘cocktail theme’; Lime & Mint and Guava & Strawberry.

Lastly, but not least and again inspired by the lime infused mojito (everyone loves a mojito!) the new Jangala candle by Maison La Bougie is filled to the brim with hydrating refreshment and relaxed Cuban vibes.
The scent description reads; Invigorating notes of mint and herbaceous basil are muddled with crushed sugar, ice, and a twist of lemon and lime. Irresistibly fresh and punchy, the Mojito fragrance is a perfect summer scent – light it on weekdays when drinking rum isn’t an option, to get the blissed-out holiday feeling without the hangover.

Scent Notes: Basil, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Thyme

So in summary, the trend for beverages is still inspiring home fragrance and will continue to do so as we change seasons. Fall or Autumn (depending which side of the ocean you’re on) will be packed with merry tipples in this trend trackers opinion. The cocktail theme is also a perfect way to introduce limited editions based on classics and also notes of the moment so this trend can easily be considered a ‘megatrend’ – meaning you can’t go far wrong if you use it to inspire collections for years to come!