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Fragrance from Finland

Scandinavia is not the first place that comes to mind when talking about perfumery. The hygge trend, minimalist beauty, natural ingredients and the now iconic Scandinavian red and white Christmas theme, but perfumery, no.

Swedish beauty is probably the most familiar to consumers with  brands such as Oriflame and Byredo, Björk & Berries, Agonist, NOT Perfumes, and & Other Stories. Some Danish brands are also familiar: Gosh, Ole Henriksen and Skandinavisk whilst less know Nordic fragrance & beauty lines include; Moods Of Norway, Eroma Perfumes, Ra Organic Skincare, Skin of Norway & Bad Norwegian.

However, all that is set to change as 2 new fine fragrance brands enter the scene this year.

Introducing Nakuna

Nakuna Helsinki is a new wave Nordic luxury perfume brand with a strong Nordic visual identity. The brand launched four unisex fragrances; Iho (skin) , Avanto (inspired by cold, watery perfection), Musta (black) Ralli (inspired by rally racing) and one female fragrance Mittumaari (Midsummer).

“Nakuna” means “naked” or “nude” in Finnish. The brand was conceived by Anu Igoni and Jaakko Veijola, who call themselves entrepreneurs and creative directors. The drawings for the packaging come from illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä. The photographs are by Markus Henttonen, while the face of the brand is Olivia Aarnio. The compositions for Nakuna Helsinki were developed by perfumers from the Swiss fragrance house Givaudan.

inspired by the peculiar nature of the Finnish people. Nakuna is the Finnish word for naked, and iho means “skin”. This fragrance refers to actual nakedness, but also to a naked, open mindset.

Finns are the strangest mix of shyness, introversion and boldness. People who would barely say hello to a neighbour, but are willing to bathe naked with total strangers. Think of Nakuna as a celebration of all sorts of naked bodies.

The fragrance is an interplay of kink and cleanliness. Creamy sandalwood and sweet musks form an intimate accord of clean warm skin elevated with animalic guaiac wood and sensuous vanilla. A gentle fragrance that invites a caress. Unisex.

“Avanto” means “ice hole”. Make a hole in the surface of sea ice, take off your clothes, breathe, and dip your body into the cold water. Feel your blood run and your senses come to life. Avanto is about absolute purification.

Invigorating icy citrus heightened with marine accords and crisp florals. Minimal in structure and unusual in execution. A long-lasting fragrance that vivifies the senses and purifies the soul. Unisex

“Musta” means “black” in Finnish. When you add a hint of black to happiness, you get a bittersweet state of mind, joy with a hint of melancholy. It is what the Finnish character is all about: happiness, with some dark undertones.

A stimulant fragrance of two opposites. The serenity of cooling black incense and tar combined with the sensuality of spicy oriental warmth. Unisex.

Inspired by Finnish rally drivers of the past. They were the explorers and movie stars we never had: They went to places and lived the kind of lives we could only dream of. Ralli stands for adventure, a trip to beautiful exotic places, a dip in an oriental mood.

The scent of a nomad who longs for the thrill of expeditions and the anticipation of coming back home. Tangy rose and exotic oud wood fuse with sweet amber to yield an affectionate and voluptuous aroma. An indulgent floral oriental that lingers and suggests subtlety through a balanced composition. Unisex.

And then, after a long winter, suddenly, we are all wide awake. Our shyness magically dissolves, and we embrace a newfound joie de vivre. The ultimate celebration of Finnish summer is Midsummer night’s fest, which is the meaning of the word “Mittumaari” in Finnish.

A magic trick to do that night: Pick seven flowers, put them under your pillow, and your future lover will be revealed in your dream.

Powdery floral with fresh bergamot built around rose and violet. An invitation to join the awakening of nature. Feminine.

Introducing Scent of Finland

Scent of Finland was conceived in 2018 to create high quality fragrances inspired by Finland’s most iconic places of wild nature tempered with the Nordic spirit, culture and aesthetics.

The concept at times referred to as The Fragrance of Memory, which, whilst highlighting the deep linkage between a smell and emotions, stipulates that a perfume can evoke the most vivid memories.

With the reference to one’s connection to scent memory the aim has been to serve those who visited the country with strong reminders of special moments of wonders and adventure experienced throughout their travel. Likewise, bringing the Scent of Finland as a gift allows one to share his emotions about the country with others through the art of fragrance.

The pure nature of Finland touches the soul. The unique lights, the green forests, the blue waters and the clean air keep calling you back. In the meantime, always keep a part of Finland on you.

Kajo is Finnish for shimmer. The Midnight Sun illuminates the summer 24/7. Always keep the magical light of Finland with you.

Its composition is described as sensual, powdery and warm. According to the brand, Kajo represents the floral fields of Finland in summer. Its composition is dominated by bright notes of lily-of-the-valley and soft and powdery rose.

Kaltio is Finnish for spring. Finland has the cleanest water. Treasure the 180 000 lakes, let the pure natural springs refresh you.

Kaltio is a light, aquatic, and citrusy composition which represents the waters of Finland. Kaltio is a modern scent worked around a citrus theme of bergamot and lime, as well as green, ozonic notes that illustrate the Lapland lichens and permafrost tundra covered in snow.

Korpi is Finnish for deep forest. 70% of Finland is covered in green gold. Retreat to the forest, feel it inspires and revitalizes you.

Korpi is described as a woody, incense and spicy composition, which illustrates the forests of Finland. Full of aromatic warmth found in Finnish saunas that bring the spirit of renewal to your body and soul. This detoxifyng fragrance is inspired by warm, woody birch notes, united with cardamom, sage, and incense.

Vire is Finnish for breeze. Finland has the cleanest air. Breathe on top of a fell, see the Northern Lights dance above you.

The fragrance is described as clean, fresh, and cocooning. Vire’s composition consists of clean musky and powdery notes that represent the northern lights. The mineral facets of this fragrance bring the Lapland landscape to life.