Sustainable and natural perfumes from Sephora

The fabulous new Do Not Drink collection of perfumes where 87% of the materials are from natural origin – even the alcohol is from beetroot!

Natural perfumes by Sephora

Industry press is full of new launches and new innovations referencing clean and sustainable beauty. Sephora has upped its game in the US market by stocking more and more brands that fit in with its clean beauty criteria.

Now they are taking this a step further, with the new Do Not Drink collection from Sephora France, which is ticking all the trend boxes. I’ve nipped over to the website and grabbed the key points of the range to summarise below.

Ingredient led scents that are affordable. A new vision of perfumery with creative fragrances, surprising olfactory encounters and 87% of ingredients of natural origin. For perfumes so good that we almost want to drink them! No fuss or overly complex chords. We make your life easier by offering you delicious eau de parfum at always affordable prices.

Natural ingredients with provenance. All our perfumes contain raw materials of natural origin selected from noble essences: vanilla from Madagascar, jasmine from India, tangerine from Italy to name a few.

They have also explained their use of synthetic options; We have also chosen to use synthetic ingredients in our perfumes to offer you an even more creative olfactory diversity. Synthetic ingredients allow, in fact, to open new olfactory paths. Without them, no taste notes, for example! They also make it possible to reproduce fragrances from nature for which there is no extraction process to obtain the note.

Clarity on formula. In our perfumes, we have chosen to put only the essential and nothing more: Alcohol of vegetable origin from beetroot, Perfume concentrate. Some water. A system that protects perfumes from oxidation and that’s it!

Recyclable packaging. The cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests. The case is printed with vegetable-based inks and bottle and the case are fully recyclable.

Made in the perfume capital of the world. Behind each of the notes in the range hide French perfumers recognised for their creativity.

Natural perfumes from Sephora

Sephora DO NOT DRINK Collection Scent Descriptions

Eau Acidulée (Cassis + Passion) The green freshness of the blackcurrant bud is mixed with the juicy and tangy flesh of the passion fruit.There is an air of exoticism in this joyful and vitamin-packed fragrance

Eau Aromatique (Sage + Tonka) Crunchy sage fuses with a sultry and searing tonka bean to create a daring hot-cold. Dynamic, this fragrance with woody and aromatic flavors plunges us into the heart of a wild nature full of vitality.

Eau Corsée (Iris + Mocha) The iris, delicate and powdery, is electrified by a pure and freshly roasted coffee. Overdose of character for this intense and irresistible floral “shot”.

Eau Épicée (Jasmine + Pink Berries) Jasmine flower, freshly harvested at sunrise, is infused with an explosion of colorful spices.T his delicious, resolutely modern fragrance transports us to the heart of a flower garden

Eau Rafraîchissante (Mandarine + Matcha) When the fresh and juicy mandarin from Italy meets the aromatic green notes of the matcha tea leaf. An infusion of tangy notes for a “sparkling” fragrance.

Eau Sucrée Salée (Vanille + Fleur de Sel) Madagascar vanilla, intense and suave, is crystallized in a splash of salt water. This solar and completely addictive fragrance takes us on a journey with our feet in the sand!