Super premium scents with sanitising properties

Argentinian fragrance house Fueguia 1833, has released a sanitising perfume collection, tapping a trend that is set to mark the post-COVID-19 beauty landscape

Sanitising was never a word thought about much in the fragrance and beauty world. However, since the coronavirus pandemic this looks set to change. As companies worldwide begin to add sanitisers and more hand care products than ever before to their core collections Fueguia has released the first stage of its new and very premium, sanitising range.

Introducing; Fueguia BioActive Molecules; a new the range that aims to offer the brand’s signature scents in a sanitising versions for skin and textiles.

The formulation created by the label’s founder Julian Bedel incorporates four types of disinfection working in synergy. 

The new product are comprised of a stabilized Chlorine dioxide (CIO2); a safe compound known for it’s effectiveness in deactivating SARS-Coronavirus, Antrax, Influenza, Hepatitis B and similar, combined with 45 medicinal plants with a proven biocide effect, 70% organic ethanol and a surfactant (soap) that acts breaking the virus lipid bi-layer. 

The company, according to the fonder, was never started ‘just to create perfumes’, but rather as by product of exploring the power of traditional medicine in the region of Patagonia, Chaco, Pampa and Andes. Bedel says that his approach is “creating scented products from a scientific, artistic mind not from a commercial one.”

A hand sanitizing product is also included in the collection, but doesn’t reference any existing Fueguia 1833 perfume. It still has a mild scent given by the blend of 45 plants, but it only comes in 30ml.

So far, 80 out of the more than 100 Fueguia 1833 fragrances have been offered in the sanitising version on the brand’s e-commerce site  — including Agua Magnoliana; with notes of Jasmine, Magnolia and Sandalwood, Alba (the old name for Scotland); with Scots Pine, Bog Myrtle  and Heather, Ceniza de Coca; with Styrax, Coca Leaf and Ambergris,  Valle de la Luna; with Iris, Sandalwood & Amber,  Linnaeus; with notes of Vetiver, Olibanum and Cardamom and Thays; with Mate Leaf, Osmanthus and Green Tea. 

Available in the single 100ml. format, the Fueguia BioActive Molecules scents retail from €90 to €165, depending on the fragrance. Prices are significantly less expensive compared to the pure perfumes alternatives; for instance, the Agua Magnoliana fragrance retailing at €266 euros for 100-ml. is priced €100 in its sanitising version.

The range has been in development over a year however the global pandemic accelerated the timeline. “Our idea was to launch our full biocide cosmetics range during 2020,” said Bedel. Initially releasing the Skin & Textile range they will leave the rest for the second part of the year and release it at a slower pace. This is also seen as a ‘pre-launch’, as they will keep updating the formula if they find new conclusions on current research. (Source WWD)