Some beautiful personal care brands from Poland

Here are some amazing brands from the Polish market that are taking the consumer market by storm, especially when it comes to the formulas of their products and provenance of their ingredients. Products come in innovative and original packaging, no longer solely imitating foreign ideas and relying on local producers, they source their ingredients from plants that are native to Poland.

Hagi. The four elements

Hagi Cosmetics is a natural skincare company that takes its brand name from the first names of its founders (Hanna and her daughters Agata and Gabriela). Hanna, who is a chemist by profession, had dreamed of creating her own brand for 20 years.

The products are divided into elements: the Water line (Woda) is for children and pregnant women. The Air (Powietrze) has been created for those suffering from allergies or atopy. The Fire (Ogień) is dedicated to energetic and active people, whereas the Earth (Ziemia) encompasses herbal and aromatherapeutic products for mature skin.
The raw materials include as many Polish ingredients as possible. The teams collaboration with local presses, allows them access to freshly extracted oils from Polish raspberries, strawberries, apricots, plums, sea buckthorn, rosehip, wheat germs, evening primrose, borage, linseed, camelina, hemp, sunflower and rapeseed.

The brand’s graphic design is the work of Diana Gawronkiewicz and the Podpunkt Studio. Hagi packaging received an award at the Łódź Design Festival last year.

Yope. For small and big kids

It started with a concept for a gentle hand soap. Now, Yope offers unique bath products, candles, creams and even floor cleaners, containing 90 per cent natural ingredients. They have lovely scents (the verbena and the fig tree have their own fan clubs on the Internet!) and come in characteristic pastel-coloured containers featuring fabulous creatures. You can spot them in cafés, hotels and nail bars.

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