Hand wash dominates beauty searches

Hand wash is still trending and capsules and tablets are moving from homecare to hand care

Consumers are all a little hygiene obsessed at the moment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Trendanalytics, who track consumer searches, YOY this April, the following terms were showing huge increases;  Hand wipes;+1,981.9%, How to wash your hands; +732.3%, Gel hand soap; +721.9% and Refillable body wash; +533%.

Obviously, it’s no surprise that the hand care sector is seeing a huge increase in demand at the moment, but it’s also interesting to see that refillable washes are also trending. At the beginning of the outbreak if was suggested that consumers may prefer single use packaging for hygiene reasons. 

However, as the hand care market is now expanding rapidly, added to the fact that hand soap was, for a while,  difficult to get hold of there has been an upsurge of interest in refillable options, not just the liquid refill options that most brands now offer, but the tablet and capsule format – like the ones we are used to seeing in our homecare products. We mentioned Blueland (who offer a refillable- tablet based hand wash) in our new Hand Care Category Report and as the ‘war’ on plastic continues this area will be key for innovative launches.

(Extract from our Hand Care Category Report, which covers Hand Wash, Hand Creams/Lotions, Hand Sanitisers and 6 new key trend concepts for new product development).

One of the newest releases in this category is Gelo; (the brand is about to hit $10 million in sales this year) an eco-friendly way to wash your hands. Instead of buying new hand soap bottles or refilling one with liquid soap, Gelo’s concentrated cleansing pods provide the same deep clean with less impact on the environment. Just pop two in the bottle, fill it with water, shake it up and you’re good to go. The direct to consumer range currently consists of 4 variants. 

Cucumber, Melon & Jasmine Flower
Refreshing blend of Sweet Melon and heavenly Jasmine Flower
Sea Mist, Mineral & Freesia
Fresh, crisp marine notes with floral accents of Cyclamen & Freesia

Clean & Dye Free
Mild & clean, created with the essential oil of Mandarin
Lemon, Basil & Geranium
Energizing and uplifting Lemon, effectively fights common kitchen malodors