Home Fragrances inspired by Japan

Earlier this year a new candle company; The Kyoto Candle Company launched. Believe it or not, a global pandemic is a good time to launch a home fragrance range, as during the bleakest moments for the fragrance category in recent months, one light that shone through; the demand for home scents.

According to Cosmetics Business, while prestige fragrance sales plummeted by up to a third or more across many European countries, home fragrance bucked the trend, scoring growth of 3% in the UK and 11% in Germany between January and May 2020 according to The NPD Group.

In the month of March, prestige room fresheners rocketed by 37% and candles (which have a 40% share in terms of preferred product format) grew by 6%, with consumers trading up to more expensive products as part of a home cocooning ritual.

Bring some balance into your life

With our Japanese-inspired scented candles you can enhance those moments of calmness, spirituality or joy in your everyday life.

The eminence of kyoto
Simple and unadorned, the bamboo is a symbol of purity and innocence. Kyoto and other parts of Japan are surrounded by beautiful Bamboo forests which create an ambience of sylvan tranquility. Light our Bamboo candle and experience the subtle notes of pinewood, cedar and sandalwood which will transform any space into a fragrant and rich forest.

Hot Spring
A sensorial indulgence
An onsen is a naturally occurring Japanese hot spring; Onsens usually contain a high mineral content which might result in a number of health benefits. Our Hot Spring candles combine seaweed, salt along with grapefruit, cedar and amber to create a sensorial indulgence; the best way to unwind after an exhausting and hectic day

Green Tea
A sensory revitalisation
In Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea is not simply a drink, it is a quiet celebration performed with grace and beauty. This ritual is a bonding experience of mindfulness and a focus on the now. Lighting one of our Green Tea candles and letting the fragrance with notes of white flower, green tea and matcha fill a room is great way to relax and recover while still keeping mental focus, producing a sensory revitalisation.

The flare of nobility
Honeysuckle is the flower of happiness, sweetness of disposition but also devoted affection. With notes of honeysuckle, white flower, jasmine and peony, The Flare of Nobility candle creates a sweet-smelling aroma which fills a room and gives you a sensation of warmth and fondness.

The redolence of love
The Camellia is usually a representation of love and adoration. This beautiful ‘Japanese Rose’ is also known for its soothing and rejuvenation qualities. Paired with its complementary scents of lemon, pear, black currant, geranium and orange blossom, The Redolence of Love scented candle is a perfect gift to share with those close to you to express your affection.

The flame of graciousness
Daffodils signify forgiveness, respect and new beginnings, which is why the name The flame of graciousness fits so well. Mixing in notes of ylang, violet, rose and cedar along with daffodils this candle is meant to be used to welcome new phases of your life and also serves as a gentle reminder to always look ahead, leaving the past in the past.

The imperial seal of Japan
The Chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, is considered the flower of autumn, blooming in September. A symbol of the throne of the emperor and several seals across Japan. The chrysanthemum represents tradition and honor, which is why we’ve called it The Imperial Seal of Japan. The Chrysanthemum candle also masterfully mixes notes of chamomile, hyacinth, rose and jasmine along with other fragrances to produce an exceptional scent which transports you to a different land.

The aura of mount fuji
A beautiful purple flower which blooms on or around Mount Fuji in the spring. Wisteria is greatly favored by followers of Buddhism, because of the belief that Amida Buddha would descend on a purple cloud to guide them to the Western Paradise. The Wisteria branches and blossoms bend downwards as if lowering their heads in gentle supplication, a symbol for prayer. The Aura of Mount Fuji scented candle with its gentle notes of wisteria, sycamore, lilac and sandalwood, promotes spirituality, making it a great fragrance for meditation or for creating those quiet moments of peace.

Cherry Blossom
The aroma of transience
Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of spring, a time of renewal and hope. This gorgeous flower not only represents the beauty of life, but also the delicate fragility that comes with it and how fast things transpire. This is why we call this scent The Aroma of Transience. With notes of lemon, grapefruit, peach as well as jasmine and rose, the Sakura scented candle is meant to remind you to appreciate the fleeting moments of beauty in your life when they come.