Report Overview

  • This report is released twice a year and will give you and your team instant access to commercial fragrance trends and actual suggestions for the season 18-24 months in advance.
  • All of the concepts are unique to this report and contain what will be the hottest new ideas for the season based on years of forecasting experience.
  • There are 134 new fragrance combinations in the SS19/20 Report to cover the top, commercial olfactive categories and give plenty of choice to fit in with new product development plans, fragrance suggestions & submissions and current or developing ranges.
  • 5 trend concepts which each contain; a trend introduction, concept board, lifestyle influences board, colour story board, product & packaging inspiration board, ingredient story board and new ideas board with fragrance suggestions
  • Give this presentation straight to your Sales or Creative Team. The ideas are already there, over 2 years in advance, helping you develop commercial new fragrances and products well in advance
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A brief introduction…

As we move in Spring/Summer 2019 we see the trend for experiences become more valuable than ever. Collecting memories and moments will be the main driver of consumer behaviour in upcoming lifestyle trends. We are living, according to Trendwatching, in an Experience Economy. The 2 main trends motivating us to get better moments & experiences are wellness and wanderlust. These two drivers will have a huge impact on the scents we choose to experience in the next few years and therefore connect all of our trend stories for 2019 in some way. Consumers quest for experiences and their recognition into the vital role that fragrance plays within their homes and personal spaces alongside their willingness to try something new make for some exciting new scent predictions.


Report Contents

Want to know the next new berry ideas, new gourmand combinations or key seasonal citrus or floral notes?
This reports gives you inspiration, ideas and ingredient combinations to launch new products in home fragrance ranges for the Spring/Summer 2019 season.

  • Each trend report contains 40 pages of forecast olfactive trends
  • 5 key olfactive trend stories for the Spring/Summer 2019 season
  • 35 key Pantone colours and references with codes 
  • 7 core colours for each trend
  • 20+ inspirational new & best-selling market launches per concept
  • Concept, mood and lifestyle boards for each trend
  • New and key ingredient suggestions
  • Fragrance and name recommendations
  • Pay by PayPal and download immediately, with PowerPoint to follow on email provided at purchase, or request to be invoiced
  • Samples available on request;