Fragrance trends from Victoria’s Secret 2020 launches

Sometimes it’s nice as we approach the last quarter of a year (yikes to it being September already) to have a look back over what’s launched. It’s good to have reminder of what consumers loved and what they didn’t, what returned or what replaced it! I spend a lot of time looking at the past and the future when I’m working on Trend Forecasts or New Product Reports, so thought I would take some time to share some on the blog as well. 

This time I’m focusing on Victoria’s Secret (owned by L brands, who also own Bath & Body Works – although L brands only have a 45% stake in the Victoria’s Secret business now). Over the course of the year so far they’ve covered the Sun-kissed trend (a returning theme for them) plus wild flowers, coastal scents, the garden berries and flower trend, the more exotic florals trend and one of the biggest trends this year – the botanics/naturals and wellbeing trend. Whew! The year is not over yet though, so I will continue with this story later, but for now here’s what launched so far..

Sunkissed Collection
Launched January 2020

“Sunny days ahead. Our top scents get a luminous twist for Spring beaming with golden woods, sheer musks, solar blooms and amber accords. It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Bare Vanilla Sunkissed – Warm. Vanilla glimmer. Amber beams. Bare Vanilla in the sun.
Love Spell Sunkissed – Fruity Warm. Bright nectarine. Bronzed sandalwood. Love Spell in the sun.
Pure Seduction Sunkissed – Fruity Floral. Tiare flower. Guava glow. Pure Seduction in the sun.
Velvet Petals Sunkissed – Floral Warm. Solar blooms. Kiwi rush. Velvet Petals in the sun.

Wild Blooms 
Launched January 2020

“It’s elemental. From untamed poppies to passion flowers and desert lilies, this season’s florals are raw, natural and captured in the wild. It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Desert Lily – Floral. Lily sun. Tangled iris. Flower rush.
Passion Flowers – Fruity Floral. Vibrant bouquet. Peony breeze. Untamed fields.
Spring Poppies – Fruity Floral. Poppy days. Violet leaves. Petal burst.
Wild Primrose – Floral. Primrose twist. Luscious gardenia. Endless blooms.

Fresh Oasis 
Launched January 2020

“It’s the beginning of…anything you want. Positive and optimistic, with fragrances to match. Find your shine in lush greens, waterfall mists, cascading florals and sacred woods.”

Bright Palm – Fruity Warm. Apricot blooms. Coconut milk. Find your shine.
Fresh Jade – Fresh Gourmand. Lime squeeze. Driftwood waves. Coast away.
Marine Splash – Floral Fresh. Waterfall petals. Grapefruit mist. Dive in.
Oasis Blooms – Fresh. Citrus flower. Coconut musk. Let’s escape.

Natural Beauty Botanicals
Launched February 2020

A new botanical, nature inspired scent collection of fragrance mists, scented lotions, body wash, and body scrubs. Coconut Milk & Rose (Calm), Green Pear & Citrus (Refresh), and Pomegranate & Lotus (Balance).

“The ultimate wellness scent experience with botanical inspiration. Awaken your senses with our newest collection. Relaxing coconut milk and rose. Invigorating green pear and citrus. Rejuvenating pomegranate and lotus. Just relax and say spa.”

Coconut Milk & Rose – Floral Fruity. Feel calm. True relaxation.
Green Pear & Citrus – Fresh Watery. Hit refresh. Pure invigoration.
Pomegranate & Lotus – Fruity Floral. Find balance. Sheer rejuvenation.

Lush Coast
Launched April 2020

“The world’s most sophisticated vacation destinations inspire these lush, marine-infused scents. The tropics of Bali. The azure waters of the Greek isles. The sun-drenched flowers of St. Tropez. Citrus from the Amalfi Coast. Dive in.”

Bali Coconut Palm – Coconut Warm. Coconut Nectar. Fresh Pineapple. Tropical Bali Sunsets.
Capri Lemon Leaves – Watery Floral. Lemon Leaves. Sea Spray Accord. Citrus Coasts of Capri.
Santorini Neroli Water – Floral. Neroli Water. Butterfly Lily. Cobalt Santorini Seas.
St. Tropez Beach Orchid – Fruity Warm. Beach Orchid. Coral Honeysuckle. St. Tropez Soleil.

Summer Spritzers Collection
Launched April 2020

“Refreshing and chilled, fruity scents to brighten your virtual happy hour. Refresh your senses with the scents of summer. This limited-edition lineup of light, fruity fragrances is infused with chilled notes of frosted coconut, cool tangelo, iced guava and frozen watermelon. Watery and sheer, it’s a cool, cool summer. The Mist Collection is a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Citrus Chill – Citrus: Sparkling Tangelo. Almond Blooms. Frozen Sunshine.
Coconut Granita – Coconut Warm: Pink Pineapple. Shaved Coconut. Summer Crush.
Melon Sorbet – Fruity Warm: Sugared Watermelon. Strawberry Leaves. Irresistibly Cool.
Tropical Spritz – Fruity Floral: Effervescent Guava. Solar Blossom. Paradise on Ice.

Succulent Garden
Launched July 2020

“Juicy Fruits meet Fresh Flowers: These Summer Pairings are Ripe for the Picking. Spring into summer with juicy fruits and fresh flowers. A limited-edition lineup of sweet berries, luscious peach and dewy petals are ripe for the picking. Make a sweet escape”.

Blushing Berry Magnolia – Fruity Floral: White Strawberry. Creamy Magnolia. At first blush.
Daring Peach Daisy – Floral Fruity: Fresh peach. Wild Petals. Go for bold.
Dreamy Plum Dahlia – Fruity Floral: Golden Plum. Soft Sandalwood. Sweet escape.
Tempting Pear Jasmine – Fruity Warm: Juicy Pear. Alluring Jasmine. To be desired.

Untamed Flora
Launched August 2020

“Sensual, night-blooming scents for a dark twist on floral fragrance. This limited-edition collection was inspired by flowers at midnight: sculptural lily, sultry jasmine, wild rose, seductive lotus”.

Exotic Lily – Floral: Wild Lily. Rich Amber. Crave the unexpected.
Forbidden Rose – Floral: Intoxicating Rose. Sultry Musk. Touch of temptation.
Jasmine Allure – Floral: Blooming Jasmine. Purple Passion fruit. Thrill of the night.
Lotus Desire – Floral: White Lotus. Deep Woods. Lost in the moment.