We forecast the future fragrance trends for your sector

Personal Care

Whatever sector you are in; from hand care to hair spray we will help you predict where the key new trends will be coming from. We take consumer data, new product launches, lifestyle trends and cues from fashion food and flavour and turn them into fragrance insights that will be commercially successful.

Home Fragrance

We produce seasonal scent forecasts for home fragrance every year. Our forecasts contain 6 key trend stories supported by current launches to show the commercial side of the trend, plus new colours, new notes and fragrance name suggestions. Spring/Summer suggests concepts for ranges from early spring scents into late summer and our Autumn/Winter covers fall to late winter and Christmas concepts.


We also create bespoke reports, looking at customers current ranges, plus the new scent trends and suggest line extensions or new collections.

We forecast your seasonal trends 18 – 24 months in advance