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Introducing our latest report, for the sector dubbed to be the ‘rescue category’ of the personal care sector; hand care. 

The beauty and fragrance industry is facing what looks to be one of the toughest times in its history. Many fragrance companies have remained open as ‘essential service’ providers, whilst many beauty brands have turned their production lines to manufacturing sanitisers desperately needed by the healthcare sector.

However, as we start to get back to our ‘new normal’ many new product development, creative and design teams will be asking what to do next. The post pandemic consumer market will be different and it is more important than ever that the products being developed line up with what people need in order to be relevant and successful.

As we have seen in the past few weeks; the hand care market has seen huge market growth. Companies like Henkel (who own Dial) have increased their soap production by 30% and Beiersdorf said sales of Eucerin and Aquaphor creams rose 11.5% in the quarter and their sales only dipped 0.6% due to the demand for soap, hand wash and hand cream. (Source:Reuters)

So how will our new Report help you and your team whether you are working from home or back in the office?

In case you don’t know much about us, our Agency services include monthly New Product Reports, Trend Forecasts and Category Reports for the fragrance sector.

When I worked for fragrance houses Belmay and Symrise; Buyers, Product Category Managers and Product Development teams were often asking for Market Reviews, Trend Reports, Category Reviews, Key Insight Reports, Category Reports (or any one of the other names people in the industry use)!  When you work in the very fast paced world of fragranced products,  you need a constant feed of key information and ready to develop ideas as the global market shifts.

Our Reports are designed to give you a thorough and detailed insight into the market.  They are clear and concise and designed as an immediate resource for anyone who works in the industry, whether client facing or behind the scenes. In other words you can download our Report in the morning and have expert insight by the afternoon ready for any zoom call!

Plus at TrendAroma we have taken our Category Reports a step further, using our fragrance expertise gathered over almost 20 years of being in the industry, to give you ready for market concepts with key commercial fragrance suggestions. 

Our latest Category Report focuses on the Hand Care market.

A brief overview

Throughout this Report you will find market overviews, current data (2018-2020) and trend analysis. The Hand Care Report also dives into new launches from big brands through to niche and indie brands, information on what’s driving consumers to purchase, the key themes and innovations across this market, including ingredient ideas and 6 new trend concepts that can be used by creative teams to build commercial new collections.

3 Core Sections + trends

This report breaks the hand care market into 3 key sections; wash, creams/lotions and santisers.

The fourth section focuses on new trend directions.

Product Focus

To present a concise picture of the hand care market our research has filtered 100’s of products to bring the key new ideas and products to your attention.
Alongside fragrance descriptions, scent information, key additives and ingredients, we also discuss formats and market innovations to help inspire the next generation of products. 

The method: How we put the ideas together & make sense of all the new launches

Every new launch starts with a new idea, or a new take on a current trend to evolve the market. This Report pieces together a web of products and trends to get straight to the key concepts and supports these concepts with the latest commercial launches, to help you create successful new ranges.

There are so many launches happening each day it can be impossible to keep up on a daily basis. As part of our research, we analyse, group and refine in order to present the ideas that are going to have the most impact on the market whether by scent, ingredients, format or concept.

As you go through the Hand Care Category Report you will understand how the key launches and products fit together, giving you assurance of their commercial appeal, so you can present winning collections to clients and successful concepts to consumers.

Then next.. it’s onto our trend forecast. As we mentioned previously, our expertise in the fragrance sector lets us go a step further after analysis, review and trend mapping to present ready to go solutions that focus on commercial new ideas for scent, product formats and ingredients.

We have ideas for hand wash, creams/lotions and sanitisers.

Designed for different consumer demographics, with the newest and upcoming trends in mind for market relevance and longevity, these 6 key concepts will help you develop the next new Hand Care ranges for the consumer market.

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