Coming soon: The Jo Malone Townhouse collection

The new Townhouse Collection comprises of six candles, with scents inspired by celebrated moments within a Georgian London home, from afternoon tea to resting by the fireplace

Jo Malone London’s newest candle range, The Townhouse Collection, that captures the curious characters and unique moments within a London townhouse.

New for autumn 2020, this collection is made up of six scents – Wild Berry and Bramble, Pastel Macaroons, Green Tomato Vine, Glowing Embers,
Lilac Lavender & Lovage and Fresh Fig & Cassis.

The Townhouse Collection also features candle jars carefully crafted from high grade ceramic material, with designs that pay homage to the the finer details of Georgian architecture, from intricate cornicing and columns to mantles and fireplaces. Each candle is finished in unglazed ceramic as a nod to the decadent textures seen in the most luxurious homes of the 1700’s.

Lilac Lavender & Lovage
Lavender-fresh sheets on a Sunday morning. The bedroom window stands slightly ajar, letting in the aroma of the dewy flowerbeds below. Lavender and lovage grow side by side; the calming scent of the iconic flower blending with the aromatic greenery of this humble herb.

Wild Berry & Bramble
The scent for any hour. The signature scent of home. Amble up the sunny pathway and past a fragrant tapestry of thorny shrubs and arching brambles, brimming with red berries. Their fresh juiciness carried on the air.

Pastel Macaroons
Take your seat for a truly English tradition: afternoon tea. With the sweetest hour of the day comes a taste for temptation. Delectable desserts and charming pastries infuse the atmosphere with sugary warmth. Almond tarts and freshly baked scones with pastel macaroons in delicious hues.

Green Tomato Vine
Tender vines warmed by the afternoon sun in the greenhouse. Sprightly tomato plants drape against the balmy windows, releasing their rich, green aroma and an earthy tang. A secret space for colourful stories.

Glowing Embers
A room to retreat to after the last guests have gone. Throw a log onto the fire and relax into your favourite chair. Flames crackle and pages turn. The comforting scent of glowing embers fills the room.

Fresh Fig & Cassis
A leisurely breakfast in the courtyard. Ripe figs cover stone walls, lovingly embraced by the morning sun. Fresh air sweeps the garden, bringing with it hints of leaves and trees.