Comfort is key: Milk Musk from Molton Brown

A gentle new note for wellbeing

With all the new launches we are seeing geared around scents that bring comfort I’m beginning to wonder about the crystal balls of some of the fragrance teams out there! However, to be fair I think the megatrend for wellness and self-care is probably a more realistic trend yardstick than crystal ball polishing!

It’s been an interesting few years – launch wise – in terms of wellbeing. What began with the ”be good to yourself – buy organic’ has blossomed into a huge industry in its own right. In scent terms we have seen traditional relaxation ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, take on a whole new generation of products and consumers. Just recently Jo Malone launched Lavenderland and Neom have just launched their Bedtime Hero collection based around chamomile.

Nostalgic scents have also become key in the relaxing scent sector and in 2020 we will see ‘beneficial’ scents  that are not traditionally linked to wellbeing become key. Vanilla for example has its roots in childnood nostalgia, whereas coconut provides the holiday feel good factor. We are taking note of not just the scents benefit in terms of its therapeutic properties, but their emotional connotations. In other words wellness is seeing the blurring of aromatherapy and aromachology.

In premium fragrance vanilla and vanilla inspired notes will be having a resurgence. L’Artisan Parfumeur is launching Couleur Vanille; a new ‘savory vanilla, Jo Malone has launched Vetiver & Golden Vanilla and Molton Brown has launched Milk Musk, designed to be deeply soothing scent that enwraps you in a bubble of pure gentleness.

I have chosen the milk note as it is reminiscent of an embrace of unconditional love, thanks to the skin-softness of musk and ambroxan at the intimate heart of the fragrance. The milky facets also modernise and reinterpret the scent’s oriental trail.

MAÏA LERNOUT, Senior Perfumer

The Collection:

Enveloped with notes of soft musk, milky tones, luscious pear and spicy tonka bean, Milk Musk conveys the purest embrace. The collection is housed in soft-touch tactile bottles, and the Scented Candle is encased in a smooth ceramic vessel, encircled with 22 carat gold.

EDT description

A tender floral-musky fragrance spun with notes of luscious pear, soft musk and heartening white cedarwood, Milk Musk is a pure and comforting scent. Ambroxan in the heart evokes skin-on-skin softness; a cashmere-soft embrace for the body and self.

Top notes of pear and peach.
A heart of musk, ambroxan and vanilla.
A base of white cedarwood and tonka bean

EDP Description

Seek cocooning tranquillity in this balance of enlivening elemi, soothing musk and sensual benzoin. A unique milk accord imparts nostalgic, intimate warmth. Housed in a collectible and refillable glass flacon with a one-of-a-kind spherical resin cap.

Top note of elemi.
A heart of musk, ambroxan and vanilla.
A base of benzoin and tonka bean.
Olfactive Signature: Comforting Milk