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Fragrance trends from Victoria’s Secret 2020 launches

Sometimes it’s nice as we approach the last quarter of a year (yikes to it being September already) to have a look back over what’s launched. It’s good to have reminder of what consumers loved and what they didn’t, what returned or what replaced it! I spend a lot of time looking at the past and the future when I’m working on Trend Forecasts or New Product Reports, so thought I would take some time to share some on the blog as well. 

This time I’m focusing on Victoria’s Secret (owned by L brands, who also own Bath & Body Works – although L brands only have a 45% stake in the Victoria’s Secret business now). Over the course of the year so far they’ve covered the Sun-kissed trend (a returning theme for them) plus wild flowers, coastal scents, the garden berries and flower trend, the more exotic florals trend and one of the biggest trends this year – the botanics/naturals and wellbeing trend. Whew! The year is not over yet though, so I will continue with this story later, but for now here’s what launched so far..

Sunkissed Collection
Launched January 2020

“Sunny days ahead. Our top scents get a luminous twist for Spring beaming with golden woods, sheer musks, solar blooms and amber accords. It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Bare Vanilla Sunkissed – Warm. Vanilla glimmer. Amber beams. Bare Vanilla in the sun.
Love Spell Sunkissed – Fruity Warm. Bright nectarine. Bronzed sandalwood. Love Spell in the sun.
Pure Seduction Sunkissed – Fruity Floral. Tiare flower. Guava glow. Pure Seduction in the sun.
Velvet Petals Sunkissed – Floral Warm. Solar blooms. Kiwi rush. Velvet Petals in the sun.

Wild Blooms 
Launched January 2020

“It’s elemental. From untamed poppies to passion flowers and desert lilies, this season’s florals are raw, natural and captured in the wild. It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Desert Lily – Floral. Lily sun. Tangled iris. Flower rush.
Passion Flowers – Fruity Floral. Vibrant bouquet. Peony breeze. Untamed fields.
Spring Poppies – Fruity Floral. Poppy days. Violet leaves. Petal burst.
Wild Primrose – Floral. Primrose twist. Luscious gardenia. Endless blooms.

Fresh Oasis 
Launched January 2020

“It’s the beginning of…anything you want. Positive and optimistic, with fragrances to match. Find your shine in lush greens, waterfall mists, cascading florals and sacred woods.”

Bright Palm – Fruity Warm. Apricot blooms. Coconut milk. Find your shine.
Fresh Jade – Fresh Gourmand. Lime squeeze. Driftwood waves. Coast away.
Marine Splash – Floral Fresh. Waterfall petals. Grapefruit mist. Dive in.
Oasis Blooms – Fresh. Citrus flower. Coconut musk. Let’s escape.

Natural Beauty Botanicals
Launched February 2020

A new botanical, nature inspired scent collection of fragrance mists, scented lotions, body wash, and body scrubs. Coconut Milk & Rose (Calm), Green Pear & Citrus (Refresh), and Pomegranate & Lotus (Balance).

“The ultimate wellness scent experience with botanical inspiration. Awaken your senses with our newest collection. Relaxing coconut milk and rose. Invigorating green pear and citrus. Rejuvenating pomegranate and lotus. Just relax and say spa.”

Coconut Milk & Rose – Floral Fruity. Feel calm. True relaxation.
Green Pear & Citrus – Fresh Watery. Hit refresh. Pure invigoration.
Pomegranate & Lotus – Fruity Floral. Find balance. Sheer rejuvenation.

Lush Coast
Launched April 2020

“The world’s most sophisticated vacation destinations inspire these lush, marine-infused scents. The tropics of Bali. The azure waters of the Greek isles. The sun-drenched flowers of St. Tropez. Citrus from the Amalfi Coast. Dive in.”

Bali Coconut Palm – Coconut Warm. Coconut Nectar. Fresh Pineapple. Tropical Bali Sunsets.
Capri Lemon Leaves – Watery Floral. Lemon Leaves. Sea Spray Accord. Citrus Coasts of Capri.
Santorini Neroli Water – Floral. Neroli Water. Butterfly Lily. Cobalt Santorini Seas.
St. Tropez Beach Orchid – Fruity Warm. Beach Orchid. Coral Honeysuckle. St. Tropez Soleil.

Summer Spritzers Collection
Launched April 2020

“Refreshing and chilled, fruity scents to brighten your virtual happy hour. Refresh your senses with the scents of summer. This limited-edition lineup of light, fruity fragrances is infused with chilled notes of frosted coconut, cool tangelo, iced guava and frozen watermelon. Watery and sheer, it’s a cool, cool summer. The Mist Collection is a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.”

Citrus Chill – Citrus: Sparkling Tangelo. Almond Blooms. Frozen Sunshine.
Coconut Granita – Coconut Warm: Pink Pineapple. Shaved Coconut. Summer Crush.
Melon Sorbet – Fruity Warm: Sugared Watermelon. Strawberry Leaves. Irresistibly Cool.
Tropical Spritz – Fruity Floral: Effervescent Guava. Solar Blossom. Paradise on Ice.

Succulent Garden
Launched July 2020

“Juicy Fruits meet Fresh Flowers: These Summer Pairings are Ripe for the Picking. Spring into summer with juicy fruits and fresh flowers. A limited-edition lineup of sweet berries, luscious peach and dewy petals are ripe for the picking. Make a sweet escape”.

Blushing Berry Magnolia – Fruity Floral: White Strawberry. Creamy Magnolia. At first blush.
Daring Peach Daisy – Floral Fruity: Fresh peach. Wild Petals. Go for bold.
Dreamy Plum Dahlia – Fruity Floral: Golden Plum. Soft Sandalwood. Sweet escape.
Tempting Pear Jasmine – Fruity Warm: Juicy Pear. Alluring Jasmine. To be desired.

Untamed Flora
Launched August 2020

“Sensual, night-blooming scents for a dark twist on floral fragrance. This limited-edition collection was inspired by flowers at midnight: sculptural lily, sultry jasmine, wild rose, seductive lotus”.

Exotic Lily – Floral: Wild Lily. Rich Amber. Crave the unexpected.
Forbidden Rose – Floral: Intoxicating Rose. Sultry Musk. Touch of temptation.
Jasmine Allure – Floral: Blooming Jasmine. Purple Passion fruit. Thrill of the night.
Lotus Desire – Floral: White Lotus. Deep Woods. Lost in the moment.

Method hand soap celebrates women in design

Method have announced a limited edition hand soap collection in partnership with the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum as a way to celebrate women in design. Connie Chen, Method’s Vice President of Brands said in a press release. “Our partnership with Cooper Hewitt is meaningful because, together, we are shining a light on pioneering women in design, whose impressive lives, talent and vision are an inspiration for designers–and the greater creative community–to this day.”

barbara white
Fragrance Launch: Orange Slice
A ‘sunshiny’ citrus scent that sparkles with notes of orange + lemon.
Barbara began exploring ways to fold and paint Japanese paper in high school, ultimately traveling to Japan on a fulbright grant. karl mann discovered her work and commissioned a wallpaper collection from her yearly. she also developed a unique technique of glass monoprinting and later experimented with larger, heavier paper + complicated folding techniques.

ilonka karasz
Fragrance Launch: Wild Meadow
This fresh, floral fragrance springs to life with notes of wild violet.
an important, yet overlooked figure in 20th-century design, ilonka worked in media including textiles, lighting, ceramics, metalwork, toys + furniture. she used a novel printing technique that preserved the expressivity of her drawings and is known for her cover illustrations for the new yorker. ilonka helped popularize a modern aesthetic in the United States.

marguerita mergentime
Fragrance Launch: Island Rain
This luscious, tropical fragrance will put you in an island state of mind.
stylish + intelligent, marguerita was a member of the influential American union of decorative artists and craftsmen (audac), a force of 20th century modernism. inspired by folk art, history and human nature. her witty table linens featuring political slogans were a hit with housewives, and the textiles she created for radio city music hall are still in use today.

Hand wash dominates beauty searches

Hand wash is still trending and capsules and tablets are moving from homecare to hand care

Consumers are all a little hygiene obsessed at the moment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Trendanalytics, who track consumer searches, YOY this April, the following terms were showing huge increases;  Hand wipes;+1,981.9%, How to wash your hands; +732.3%, Gel hand soap; +721.9% and Refillable body wash; +533%.

Obviously, it’s no surprise that the hand care sector is seeing a huge increase in demand at the moment, but it’s also interesting to see that refillable washes are also trending. At the beginning of the outbreak if was suggested that consumers may prefer single use packaging for hygiene reasons. 

However, as the hand care market is now expanding rapidly, added to the fact that hand soap was, for a while,  difficult to get hold of there has been an upsurge of interest in refillable options, not just the liquid refill options that most brands now offer, but the tablet and capsule format – like the ones we are used to seeing in our homecare products. We mentioned Blueland (who offer a refillable- tablet based hand wash) in our new Hand Care Category Report and as the ‘war’ on plastic continues this area will be key for innovative launches.

(Extract from our Hand Care Category Report, which covers Hand Wash, Hand Creams/Lotions, Hand Sanitisers and 6 new key trend concepts for new product development).

One of the newest releases in this category is Gelo; (the brand is about to hit $10 million in sales this year) an eco-friendly way to wash your hands. Instead of buying new hand soap bottles or refilling one with liquid soap, Gelo’s concentrated cleansing pods provide the same deep clean with less impact on the environment. Just pop two in the bottle, fill it with water, shake it up and you’re good to go. The direct to consumer range currently consists of 4 variants. 

Cucumber, Melon & Jasmine Flower
Refreshing blend of Sweet Melon and heavenly Jasmine Flower
Sea Mist, Mineral & Freesia
Fresh, crisp marine notes with floral accents of Cyclamen & Freesia

Clean & Dye Free
Mild & clean, created with the essential oil of Mandarin
Lemon, Basil & Geranium
Energizing and uplifting Lemon, effectively fights common kitchen malodors

Japanese consumer giant Kao is launching a new brand straight into the US market via Amazon

MyKirei is the first new brand the Japanese consumer giant has developed and launched specifically for the U.S. market, and is meant to be a chance for the company to gain some name recognition with US consumers

KAO is the 10th largest beauty company in the world, according to data from WWD Beauty Inc’s Top 100 list. In 2019, the owner of brands such as Jergens, Bioré, Curél, John Frieda, Molton Brown, Goldwell and Oribe, brought in 621 billion yen, or $5.6 billion in sales. Despite the presence of several of its key brands in the U.S. market, Kao is not a household name like, for example, Procter & Gamble for consumers in the US. The company now wants to raise its profile with the western consumer.

With that mind the beauty giant has debuted MyKirei via Amazon. Despite launching during a pandemic the new brand has incorporated many key market trends to help ensure its success.

Firstly, the product portfolio is simple and contains a shampoo, conditioner and hand wash with plant based and 95% biodegradable formulas.

The entire concept takes inspiration from Kirei (the word “kirei” in Japanese is roughly translated to mean clean and tidy in English), which encompasses a way of living that’s centered on beauty and cleanliness, simplicity, balance, minimalism and sustainability. This sensibility has been revered by Japanese people for years and MyKirei aims to introduce a more eco-friendly way of living to the west.

Whilst the packaging stands upright, like the majority of personal care packaging for shampoos, conditioners and hand washes this range uses 50% less plastic in comparison – it gets its rigidity from an air fill. Additionally, the novel design helps to prevent contamination and makes it easy to use all the product to the very last drop.

MyKirei’s initial three products — a shampoo, conditioner and a hand wash priced at $18 each, launched exclusively on Amazon on Wednesday, April 22, in time for Earth Day, with ingredients that are authentic to Japan, including yuzu, rice water and tsubaki flower.

Planet Friendly Beauty launches a new hair care sensation

Introducing Azure; the new affordable hair care range to hit Boots shelves

Lesley Clarke, the CEO and co-founder of the Nicky Clarke hairdressing franchise, has launched her first business venture through her new company Planet Friendly Beauty.

The new affordable hair care line, Azure, with its sophisticated scents, comprises 14 products in total containing naturally-sourced ingredients that are kind to hair and do not include sulfates, parabens and silicones.

The range also covers all the key hair care desires from the majority of consumers, which can simply be broken down into; shine, volume, repair and curls. Including key new trends such as an Anti-pollution Shield (in the Healthy Shine range) is the perfect way to keep the range trend forward, but not overwhelm the consumer with too many products. 

Also not forgetting the other key concern when launching new ranges; the environment and the products ‘green credentials’, Azure’s has launched in packaging created with sugarcane with recyclable caps and labels.

Healthy Shine

Products in the range include; Anti Pollution Shield, Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner, plus Xtreme Heat Protecting Shield.

With… Jasmine & Bergamot Scent, Sugars from Wood, Sugars from Seaweed, Orange Extract, White Tea Extract, Sugar Beet Extract, Sunflower Seed Extract.


The product range includes; Featherweight Styling Cream, Volumising Shampoo and Volumising Conditioner.

With… Neroli & Tonka Scent, Sugar Beet Extract, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Tiare Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Isochrysis Galbana Extract, Guar Bean Extract.

Rescue & Repair

Products include Revolutionary Conditioner, Revolutionary Shampoo, Intense Mask and Leave-In-Conditioner.

With… Coconut & Yuzu Scent, Sugar Beet Extract, Vegetable derived Conditioners, Shea Butter, Baobab Extract, Sunflower Seed Extract, Guar Bean Extract, Abyssinian Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil.

Smooth & Curl

Products include; Miracle Conditioner, Miracle Shampoo and Miracle Lotion.

With… White Tea & Violet Leaf Scent, Sugar Beet Extract, Vegetable derived Conditioners, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Natural Coconut Water, Chia Seed Extract, Flax Seed Extract.

Download our Hand Care Report to develop your new collections

Introducing our latest report, for the sector dubbed to be the ‘rescue category’ of the personal care sector; hand care. 

The beauty and fragrance industry is facing what looks to be one of the toughest times in its history. Many fragrance companies have remained open as ‘essential service’ providers, whilst many beauty brands have turned their production lines to manufacturing sanitisers desperately needed by the healthcare sector.

However, as we start to get back to our ‘new normal’ many new product development, creative and design teams will be asking what to do next. The post pandemic consumer market will be different and it is more important than ever that the products being developed line up with what people need in order to be relevant and successful.

As we have seen in the past few weeks; the hand care market has seen huge market growth. Companies like Henkel (who own Dial) have increased their soap production by 30% and Beiersdorf said sales of Eucerin and Aquaphor creams rose 11.5% in the quarter and their sales only dipped 0.6% due to the demand for soap, hand wash and hand cream. (Source:Reuters)

So how will our new Report help you and your team whether you are working from home or back in the office?

In case you don’t know much about us, our Agency services include monthly New Product Reports, Trend Forecasts and Category Reports for the fragrance sector.

When I worked for fragrance houses Belmay and Symrise; Buyers, Product Category Managers and Product Development teams were often asking for Market Reviews, Trend Reports, Category Reviews, Key Insight Reports, Category Reports (or any one of the other names people in the industry use)!  When you work in the very fast paced world of fragranced products,  you need a constant feed of key information and ready to develop ideas as the global market shifts.

Our Reports are designed to give you a thorough and detailed insight into the market.  They are clear and concise and designed as an immediate resource for anyone who works in the industry, whether client facing or behind the scenes. In other words you can download our Report in the morning and have expert insight by the afternoon ready for any zoom call!

Plus at TrendAroma we have taken our Category Reports a step further, using our fragrance expertise gathered over almost 20 years of being in the industry, to give you ready for market concepts with key commercial fragrance suggestions. 

Our latest Category Report focuses on the Hand Care market.

A brief overview

Throughout this Report you will find market overviews, current data (2018-2020) and trend analysis. The Hand Care Report also dives into new launches from big brands through to niche and indie brands, information on what’s driving consumers to purchase, the key themes and innovations across this market, including ingredient ideas and 6 new trend concepts that can be used by creative teams to build commercial new collections.

3 Core Sections + trends

This report breaks the hand care market into 3 key sections; wash, creams/lotions and santisers.

The fourth section focuses on new trend directions.

Product Focus

To present a concise picture of the hand care market our research has filtered 100’s of products to bring the key new ideas and products to your attention.
Alongside fragrance descriptions, scent information, key additives and ingredients, we also discuss formats and market innovations to help inspire the next generation of products. 

The method: How we put the ideas together & make sense of all the new launches

Every new launch starts with a new idea, or a new take on a current trend to evolve the market. This Report pieces together a web of products and trends to get straight to the key concepts and supports these concepts with the latest commercial launches, to help you create successful new ranges.

There are so many launches happening each day it can be impossible to keep up on a daily basis. As part of our research, we analyse, group and refine in order to present the ideas that are going to have the most impact on the market whether by scent, ingredients, format or concept.

As you go through the Hand Care Category Report you will understand how the key launches and products fit together, giving you assurance of their commercial appeal, so you can present winning collections to clients and successful concepts to consumers.

Then next.. it’s onto our trend forecast. As we mentioned previously, our expertise in the fragrance sector lets us go a step further after analysis, review and trend mapping to present ready to go solutions that focus on commercial new ideas for scent, product formats and ingredients.

We have ideas for hand wash, creams/lotions and sanitisers.

Designed for different consumer demographics, with the newest and upcoming trends in mind for market relevance and longevity, these 6 key concepts will help you develop the next new Hand Care ranges for the consumer market.

If you want more info please download our Report sample here.
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Ingredient tracking: Watermelon is #trending in personal care in 2019

Each month as I track trends for my New Product Reports, Bath and Body Trends and Key Insight Reports, I see patterns begin to emerge. Certain ingredients are favoured more than others (Raspberry in home fragrance for example, Rose in skincare, guarana in men’s launches), but this summer (although it’s not a ‘new, new’ ingredient) we are seeing juicy, bright and ultra hydrating watermelon firmly in the spotlight for personal care. 

The watermelon effect is down to Glow Recipe, a Korean beauty inspired brand, where watermelon is a star. Their key product is a face mask which has a wait list of 8000 people and sells 1 every 3 minutes (scroll down to watch a video of it being made of the brands Instagram). A Sephora bestseller with $30 US Dollars of sales in 2018 makes it a hot commercial ingredient.

Watermelon is a fruit similar to pumpkin and cantaloupe, that is made of 92% water, which means that a product containing watermelon will be extra hydrating for your skin. The fruit also includes Vitamin A, B6 and C, which help to aid the immune system and allows your skin to benefit from antioxidants.

In July’s edition of the New Product Report for Bath & Body I highlighted some of the key new launches with a watermelon theme in the new notes and ingredients section of the monthly report. Check them out below.

New Notes & Ingredients: Watermelon

One sold every 3 minutes

St Tropez Self Tanning with Watermelon infusion

Hallyu Watermelon Masks

Bliss What A Melon Water Jelly

Milk Make-up Brightening Serum

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Radiance Jelly with Watermelon

Crabtree & Evelyn signals a new era after focusing on their heritage

Reading news at the beginning of 2019 that Crabtree and Evelyn were disappearing from the retail space and going online save for one retail concept store was not surprising. The brand has a loyal following, but being an avid product trend tracker (it’s part of my job after all) it was easy to see they were leaving innovation and product development behind and simply focusing on their cult best sellers. 

Cosmetics Design did a very good article on what went wrong, but essentially it was relying on its legacy rather than connecting with its customers needs or diversifying to meet the demands of new customer bases. 

However, fortunes look set to change, as this month the brand debuts a redesigned e-commerce site and content platform. Not only have they managed to keep their older brand lines for their loyal customers, but they’ve come up with a refreshing new and simple idea that really fits their brand story/heritage and fits with a new generation of consumer. Inspired by Cyrus Harvey, wanderlust and nature enthusiast and also the brands founder the new ethos is; Born Curious. Grown Wild. 

The new and refreshed website and carefully created social media platforms focus on 2 new collections named..Crabtree and..Evelyn! Crabtree is a gender-less collection with apple as a core ingredient focus, whilst Evelyn focuses on rose.

The website sums the collections up: Crabtree; For him. For her. For every lifestyle. Meet the unisex collection that’s refreshingly different.

Evelyn Rose; born from a rebellious desire to do things differently, a rose-inspired collection that’s not all soft and floral – it’s got thorns and attitude. 

The Crabtree collection is designed to be shared and the unisex collection balances both sweet and spicy notes so it doesn’t step into masculine or feminine territory. The crabapple influence hasn’t been forgotten though and many of the products contain apple extract, apple fruit water and apple AHA’s. 

The Raw Instinct Scent opens with a burst of unexpected fruit (citrusy pomelo and lemon-laced kumquat) – it’s refreshingly distinct. 

  • Top Notes: Pomelo – refreshing citrus, Kumquat – sweetness with a hint of lemon and pine.
  • Middle Notes: Eucalyptus – airy, green aroma, Apple blossom – delicately floral, Jasmine – subtly sweet.
  • Base notes: Vetiver smoke – earthy to add depth, Papyrus – a pinch of spice, Guaiac woods – for longevity.

The 8 piece collection includes; Refresh + Renew Face Foam, Renew + Nourish Hand Cream, Cleanse + Awaken Shower Gel, Smooth + Refine Body Lotion, Buff + Invigorate Body Bar and Raw Instinct Scent.

Evelyn Rose is a modern scent with a collection that puts skin care as a primary focus.

Femme de Force, the fine fragrance of the collection, bottles up the fiery spirit of a rose and detonates attitude with every spray. The range includes Soft Touch Face Foam, Lustrous Body Oil, Satin Hand Cream, Femme De Force Scent, Silky Body Lotion and Velvet Body Melt.

  • Top notes: Italian Lemon – a burst of citrus, Elemi – aromatic resin, Olibanum – sharp frankincense, Cassis – refreshing blackberry.
  • Heart notes: Rose – a woody rose that’s not your average pretty petal, Nutmeg – for added warmth, Cashmere woods – harmonic blend of musk and wood.
  • Base notes: Vetiver – adds an earthy edge, Guaiac wood – an exotic wood that has hints of tarmac and smokiness, Musk – for a sensuous finish.

The brand is losing its traditional heritage products either. In another very clever brand development they have kept the old, bestselling products and simply renamed the collection ‘The Archives‘. 

I really have to say that I think the new collections are clever, simple and thoughtful. They have a personality and story as well as key ingredients and on trend product formats. 2 of the biggest trend influences have been merged. K-beauty is all about more and Scandi Beauty is all about less and I think this brand has released a really good capsule collection combining this ideas in 2 core collections, that more importantly, can be added to in order to keep it fresh and on trend for the new generation of consumers. Bravo Team C&E!

Scent your life: Home Fragrance brand Paddywax launch bodycare

The newest release from popular US home fragrance brand Paddywax includes 6 new fragrances developed for a bath & body range, which includes bar soap, hand cream and eau de parfum. More and more brands are crossing categories to make scent an immersive experience.

Lavender Sage: (fresh) a sophisticated mix of fresh herbs, soft musk, and a hint of vanilla.
Rosewood Vanilla: (woody) a warm, delicately spiced vanilla blend with subtle notes of cedar and bergamot
Sea Salt & Plumeria: (fresh) bright notes of sea salt atop an aromatic base of driftwood
Eucalyptus Santal: (woody) with a burst of eucalyptus and cucumber, this lush medley is grounded with a base of santal
Black Fig & Vetiver: (woody) this alluring mix of peppery cedar, vetiver, and pomelo is sweetened with black fig and a touch of rose.
Gardenia & Peonies: (floral) a graceful bouquet of floral aromas with notes of bamboo and crisp air.

Want to know more? Then download the July edition of the Bath & Body New Product Report here.

Mindful Beauty with Boots new Live + Be range

Four new scent directions and all products under £5.50 the new Boots Live + Be range with aromatherapy style products that focus on wellbeing and self-care.

We reported on the new Boots Live + Be range back in our May New Product Report for Bath & Body. The range brings aromatherapy style benefits and the idea of self care through scent to the forefront. Beauty that works on your body and mind, hence #mindfulbeauty! Click here to download the Live + Be section from the May 2019 Report.

To help consumers understand the concept the brand released a mini blurb with the range; “Boots Live + Be is about finding time for self-care in your day-to-day routine. Each of our four fragrances have been carefully selected to support the practice of mindfulness every day: being thankful, time to pause, focusing on the present, and the breath.

Each of these mindful concepts are carefully paired with a supporting woody, floral, fresh or oriental fragrance. Our beautiful scent and self-care stories are designed to help you understand which note you connect with, to give you a sense of personal discovery. Make sure you read the back of pack to see what four key areas of mindfulness we suggest you focus on as you indulge yourself.

Recent figures shared by The NPD Group reveal that the mindful beauty trend is going mainstream and growing in popularity, especially in the UK, where consumers are turning to natural scents for their beneficial and soothing properties.

According to Cosmetics Business “sales of lavender-based beauty products grew by 552% in Q1 2019. Stress and anxiety reducing frankincense products are also proving popular with consumers with a sales increase of 200%. Meanwhile, rose products are having a resurgence with a 5% uplift and lemongrass infused items saw a 6% rise”.

This is not surprise as Lavender has been trending across niche, premium and mass for quite a while and Rose is a megatrend ingredient – that is always on trend in one interpretation or another. However, the new Boots range is incorporating a blend of more complex notes in their new budget collection.

The new range is vegan (a must in 2019) and contains masks, bath fizzers, showers creams and whipped body butters amongst other items (download the pdf if you haven’t yet for full details), organised into four themes with accompanying scents;

*Beautiful Connection: Positive – Loved – Grateful – Connected with notes of rosewood, peony, lily of the valley, amber.
*Captivating Pause: Thoughtful – Slow – Peaceful – In Control with notes of nutmeg, jasmine, coconut and black sugar.
*Awakening Glow: Present – Aware- Awake – Invigorated with notes of mandarin, yuzu, mimosa and almond.
*Woodland Whisper: Pure – Recharged – Calm with notes of fennel, coriander, cardamom and charcoal.

PS. I only just noticed, but I think someone made a little oopsie on this point of sale shelf shot, but everything is correct on the web and the floral is a pretty rose scent.

I know I’m going to prefer the oriental scent, but I’m going to take a shot at saying that the fresh collection will be a top seller. We are seeing lots more collections focus on citrus notes such as the This Works Morning Expert Collection and the soon to launch Bath & Body Works aromatherapy collection; Grapefruit & Mint. Alongside stand alone products this range is exceptionally ‘giftable’ – you can even get a matching gift bag. So an all round well thought out, amazingly priced and bang on trend collection – well done Team Boots! Lets hope we see this range and lots more #mindful beauty ranges take centre stage in the new concept store that’s just opened in London.

For more info on new launches and new products subscribe to our New Product Report online and instantly download the latest edition. 

This Report is published monthly with all the latest global product launches, new ingredients, new scents, trends, innovation, new product development and industry news you need in a ready to go format.