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Beauty with conscience is a hot trend in 2020

Stress levels are probably quite high at the moment, but even before the outbreak of COVID-19 we were all feeling the effects of 21st century living.

The beauty and fragrance industry embraced the ‘at home spa movement’ many years ago with scrubs and rubs designed for peace and relaxation, but in 2020 with the need for self care higher than ever, we are seeing many more brands bring out collections under the new term for spa; wellness.

Brands that don’t have a proven provenance in beauty and spa are launching new collections as they get more involved with consumers lifestyles and demands.

It’s not just product need though that’s driving this trends. Many brands now recognise that today’s consumers want, no demand, more from the brands they choose to invest in and support. They want to feel good, not just when using the products to fulfil their own needs for self care, but also when investing in the product in the first place; a beauty conscience has developed in consumers and it’s not going away.

Fashion retailer Primark recently launched their new Wellness Collection. Made up of 80 eco-conscious products across womenswear, menswear, homeware and skincare, the new range is Primark’s latest step to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Launched under the Primark Cares Initiative, the Wellness Collection is part of the retailer’s commitment to becoming more responsible for their fashion footprint. All products from the range are made using either organic cotton, recycled materials or sustainable fabrics.

The range includes sportswear made from recycled materials, soy wax blend candles, sustainable cotton and linen bedding and of course soothing, cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty products, that contain naturals and are housed in recyclable bottles. The idea is to encourage wellbeing through the day and the website takes you on a 24 hour cycle of wellbeing using all the products across the collection.

The New Skincare Collection

The collection itself is housed in very simple packaging reminiscent of an apothecary style/pharmacy style design. It’s got a ‘do good’ feel which is perfect for the message they are trying to get across with the whole range.

With either Chamomile & Aloe or Relaxing Lavender the whole range alludes to another key trend in skincare and beauty at the moment, known as ‘skipcare’ – i.e achieve the results you want with a minimal amount of products (the backlash to the Korean beauty phenomenon which usually involves 10 plus steps and even more products for ‘perfect skin’).

The range consists of ; a daily moisturiser, a balm to oil cleanser, a relaxing night cream, a body cream and 2 body scrubs.

The New Candle & Diffuser Collection

Of course, no oasis of calm would work without setting the scene first, so the new collection also includes candles and diffusers with a Blush Jasmine scent.

Again this is an interesting development happening in the wellness movement, where we are seeing new scents become classed as relaxing; from vanilla and patchouli, to chamomile and soft florals such as jasmine rather than just lavender. Looking around at new launches in both the homecare and personal care sector this new relaxation direction is set to become a big trend!

The Bigger Picture

Given what’s going on in the wider world in 2020 I think we can expect to see a lot more wellness cropping up across the sector from all brands, be it big spa brands to fashion retailers and smaller niche brands. It’s a megatrend that’s set to stay – in other words it’s a lifestyle orientated trend rather than driven by fashion or fads of the moment. This trend has been a long time in the making; back from the early 2000’s when spa was primarily geared towards marine, ozonic and salt infused scents depicting fresh and clean. Wrap up into the trend the organic movement, clean beauty and hygge and you have the new wellness; inspired by earthy naturals of patchouli and woods, comforting scents of vanilla and the new fresh green notes such as tea, aloe or pear.

However, as we mentioned in the title it’s not beauty – it’s conscience as well, so all in all the ‘wellness’ collections look set to become a lot more than just the smell good collections of old. They will need to tick the consumer purchase checklist and NPD teams will need to consider all the angles when making a new launch – especially in today’s climate. Should make for some good trend watching!

For more info on all the latest launches subscribe to our Bath & Body New Product Report here.

Comfort is key: Milk Musk from Molton Brown

A gentle new note for wellbeing

With all the new launches we are seeing geared around scents that bring comfort I’m beginning to wonder about the crystal balls of some of the fragrance teams out there! However, to be fair I think the megatrend for wellness and self-care is probably a more realistic trend yardstick than crystal ball polishing!

It’s been an interesting few years – launch wise – in terms of wellbeing. What began with the ”be good to yourself – buy organic’ has blossomed into a huge industry in its own right. In scent terms we have seen traditional relaxation ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, take on a whole new generation of products and consumers. Just recently Jo Malone launched Lavenderland and Neom have just launched their Bedtime Hero collection based around chamomile.

Nostalgic scents have also become key in the relaxing scent sector and in 2020 we will see ‘beneficial’ scents  that are not traditionally linked to wellbeing become key. Vanilla for example has its roots in childnood nostalgia, whereas coconut provides the holiday feel good factor. We are taking note of not just the scents benefit in terms of its therapeutic properties, but their emotional connotations. In other words wellness is seeing the blurring of aromatherapy and aromachology.

In premium fragrance vanilla and vanilla inspired notes will be having a resurgence. L’Artisan Parfumeur is launching Couleur Vanille; a new ‘savory vanilla, Jo Malone has launched Vetiver & Golden Vanilla and Molton Brown has launched Milk Musk, designed to be deeply soothing scent that enwraps you in a bubble of pure gentleness.

I have chosen the milk note as it is reminiscent of an embrace of unconditional love, thanks to the skin-softness of musk and ambroxan at the intimate heart of the fragrance. The milky facets also modernise and reinterpret the scent’s oriental trail.

MAÏA LERNOUT, Senior Perfumer

The Collection:

Enveloped with notes of soft musk, milky tones, luscious pear and spicy tonka bean, Milk Musk conveys the purest embrace. The collection is housed in soft-touch tactile bottles, and the Scented Candle is encased in a smooth ceramic vessel, encircled with 22 carat gold.

EDT description

A tender floral-musky fragrance spun with notes of luscious pear, soft musk and heartening white cedarwood, Milk Musk is a pure and comforting scent. Ambroxan in the heart evokes skin-on-skin softness; a cashmere-soft embrace for the body and self.

Top notes of pear and peach.
A heart of musk, ambroxan and vanilla.
A base of white cedarwood and tonka bean

EDP Description

Seek cocooning tranquillity in this balance of enlivening elemi, soothing musk and sensual benzoin. A unique milk accord imparts nostalgic, intimate warmth. Housed in a collectible and refillable glass flacon with a one-of-a-kind spherical resin cap.

Top note of elemi.
A heart of musk, ambroxan and vanilla.
A base of benzoin and tonka bean.
Olfactive Signature: Comforting Milk

New scents from Love Beauty and Planet

Bergamot, yuzu, charcoal, vanilla, hemp and mint – a perfect cocktail of the latest trends!

The Unilever owned, vegan brand has been busy so far this year adding to its collection with some new scents with beneficial ingredients, after the popularity of their first 4 core fragrances in the beauty line continues to get consumer attention.

Charcoal & Bergamot

First up is the detoxifying collection; Charcoal & Bergamot which is infused with Bamboo Charcoal and the precious scent of Bergamot. Earthy Bamboo Charcoal is known for its detoxing properties and benefits on hair and skin, whilst the Bergamot is ethically sourced from Italy during the peak harvest season.

Shampoo Scrub is a new product to the hair care shelves in the last few years – offered up as a deep clean option as we continue to see the ‘skinification’ trend influence the hair care sector.

Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf

Hemp is having a revival due to the popularity of CBD and companies such as The Body Shop are revamping their range, to include shower oils and overnight rescue mask, so it’s no surprise to see this coming through more in new launches for 2020.

The next new release from the brand is the Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf ‘infused’ collection (Nana is a mint that grows in the Mediterranean countries) which according to the brand is ‘packed with soothing ingredients to take you to your happy place’.

The line up includes a Soothe & Nourish shampoo and conditioner and Blissful Moisture body wash, plus a scalp serum – again skincare for hair care swap!

Yuzu & Vanilla

And lastly, the new hand wash to match your kitchen sink that’s citrusy, bright and fresh, is the new Yuzu & Vanilla. The description mentions ‘a refreshing plant-based formula without parabens, sulfates or dyes’ – so green (well yellow) and clean!

A fragrance for comfort: Replica Bubble Bath

Maison Margiela Replica has launched a scent that makes us all think about relaxation.

Maison Martin Margiela introduces the new Replica edition; Bubble Bath in March 2020, and at a time when most of the world is currently on lock-down due to to COVID-19, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Bubble Bath is the scent of soap, bath, comfort, and purity. This scent joins the EDT collection of scents that evoke personal memories and moments — and bring a moment of comfort, wellness and pleasure to the wearer. For the brand this scent comes under the collection of The Reproduction of Familiar Scents and Moments of Varying Locations and Periods.

The Story: Bubble Bath evokes the sweet memory of an intimate moment of relaxation in a sparkling and calming bubble bath. The year is 2005 and the location is Beverly Hills. The scent should provoke a sense of immersion in warm scented water and relaxation of the body from all the tension. The composition’s description is “comforting clean accords.” The wellness moment is enhanced with pink pepper, essence of rose, coconut, and white musk

Recent scents; trend timeline

Having a look back through the scents the brand has released over the last few years, gives a great timeline of some of the hottest scent trends.

In 2019 we saw Whispers in the Library (an Oriental Woody with pepper, vanilla, precious woods and cedar), Springtime in the Park (floral-fruity) and Coffee Break (with Arabica beans, lavender blossom and frothed milk). 2018 was; Under the Lemon Tree (a green-citrus with lime, cardamon, green tea and cedar) and 2017 saw the launch of Sailing Day (marine – aromatic with coriander and iris absolute) and Music Festival (a woody-chypre with patchouli, red apple, incense, tobacco and leather).

Artistique Collection: Art Perfumes by Avon

The most famous catalogue beauty brand join the ranks of retailers offering a ‘niche’ fragrance experience

In recent years a new form of ‘niche’ has arrived on the perfume scene. Being described as ‘artistic perfumery’ and following the release of exclusive niche collections by almost all major luxury brands; Chanel, Guerlain, Van Cleef & Arpels, Mugler, Carolina Herrera and Giorgio Armani the high street has come back with a plethora of ‘ingredient led’ new launches that have the exclusivity, but not the price tag of the niche market. For example, last year Zara released the Emotions collection in collaboration with self taught Perfumer Jo Malone which included launches such as; Bohemian Bluebells, Waterlily Tea Dress, Vetiver Pamplemousse and Ebony Wood. The Perfume Shop launched a collection including Peppered Earth and Amber Glow and Superdrug launched Musk Dore, Cedar Blanc and Vetiver Aroma in late 2019.

In niche and premium launches, Perfumers have become the stars of the fragrance rather than the celebrity (thank you Frederic Malle) and this is where the story now begins for many unique scents. Avon’s new launches have highlighted the Perfumer behind each of their new fragrances, adding to the luxury appeal of this new collection.

Famous Symrise perfumers with international recognition, who are famous for their creations on a specific fragrance theme, were involved in the creation of the Artistique Avon fragrances.

Emilie Coppermann, before creating Iris Fetiche, has created iris scents for Van Cleef & Arpels, The Different Company and Wide Society.

Alexandra Carlin the Perfumer behind Patchouli Indulgence has created best selling scents for Amouage, Mauboussin, Luisa Spagnoli, Givenchy L’Atelier and Ferrari.

Lastly, Maurice Roucel the Perfumer behind Magnolia en Fleurs, used his mastery with the note of magnolia to create perfumes for Gucci, Guerlain and Missoni amongst others.

A fragrance for a bold, confident, and courageous woman, Patchouli Indulgence is a fascinating mixture of patchouli, exotic spices, delicate floral shades, and a rich amber base. The floral-oriental fragrance signed by Alexandra Carlin with its whirlwind of captivating woody shades is ideal for those who are not afraid to go against the tide; it conjures up memories of exotic countries. The fragrance was born from the memory of one warm evening spent by Alexandra in the night market of the Vietnamese Hoi An on the shore of the South China Sea, among the warm smells of spices, flowers, and woods.

Patchouli Indulgence Avon

Top notes: Timut pepper, Pink pepper, and Bergamot;
Middle notes: Rose, Violet, and Lily-of-the-valley;
Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, and Musk

To all optimists, joyful, life-loving and carefree, perfumer Maurice Roucel devoted his fresh floral fragrance Magnolia en Fleurs, in which Chinese magnolia blends perfectly with the moist freshness of the morning and a soft musky base. Magnolia blossom means the onset of the warm days of spring, and the fragrance is ideal for this time of year and for those who enjoy spring. The perfumer recalled one of his morning runs through Paris in the spring, when in the Palais Royal gardens a wonderful smell and a delightful look of flowering magnolias made him stop for the sake of enjoying this spring aroma.

Magnolia en Fleurs

Top notes: Bergamot, Wet greens, and Pink pepper;
Middle notes: Magnolia, Jasmine, and Gardenia;
Base notes: Musk, Moss, and Sandalwood

Floriental masterpiece Iris Fétiche was created by perfumer Emilie Coppermann for elegant, charismatic, and glamorous women. The symphonic sound of enticing iris, delicate green foliage, and the sensual sweetness of vanilla will illuminate your charismatic nature, and then wrap you with an enveloping feeling of endless calm. In this fragrance, Emilie recalls her childhood when she went from Paris to her grandmother’s in Normandy.

Iris Fétiche

Top notes: Green notes, Bergamot, and Pepper;
Middle notes: Iris flower, Jasmine, and Rose;
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, and Sandalwood

Avon presented these three perfumes as the first trio in the Artistique collection, so we can expect new perfumers from new Perfumers soon. The Artistique Parfumiers fragrances are already available in the UK priced at £18 per 50ml bottle.

Fragonard’s flower of the year for 2020 is Magnolia

Pantone have a new colour for 2020, Yankee Candle have a new scent of the year and Fragonard have a favourite flower

For the past decade, Fragonard has dedicated itself to a collection that celebrates a special flower every year including; Mimosa (2010), Iris (2016), Jasmine (2015), Lily-of-the-Valley (2013), Peony (2017), Lavende (2019), Sweet Pea (2014), Verbena (2018) and Violet (2012). This year, they have chosen to celebrate Magnolia flower.

“Emerging from prehistory, the magnolia flower has brought us its marvelous scent throughout the ages. Magnolia trees are beloved for their magnificent, abundant, and grandiose flowering. These opulent, irresistibly fragrant flowers are undoubtedly what is most beautiful about them,” as said by Fragonard.

The limited edition new scent Magnolia contains a full range of products from an EDT to Reed Diffuser. The top notes include the sparkling aromas of lemon essential oil, vine flower, and calamus. The heart is dominated by magnolia, combined with tea rose and frangipani, while the soft and creamy base blends sandalwood, musk, and white amber.

Tom Ford’s scandalous new scent; Rose Prick

Tom Ford is back with a new installment in his series of scandalous perfumes.

After launching candidly named ‘F*cking Fabulous’ perfume in 2017, and the wink wink nudge nudge ‘Lost Cherry’ scent in 2018, Ford has announced a new addition to the headline grabbing scent collection.

The designer has revealed his next Private Blend perfume will be ‘Rose Prick’

Flesh. Petals. Thorns.

This cheeky fragrance is all about a trilogy of rose notes. Inspired by Tom Ford’s private rose garden, Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of beautiful breeds of rose – Rose de Mai, Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose.

Rose conjures up old fashioned fragrances worn by your Grandmother however, this fragrance is anything but. Added spicy hits of Sichuan pepper, turmeric and tonka bean give the classic floral fragrance a delicious overhaul, whilst a dry down of Tolu balsam and musk mean ‘Rose Prick’ lingers long after the evening’s hedonistic events have come to an end.

Speaking on his latest outrageous eau de parfum designed for women and men, Ford said:

‘The prick of a rose. The slight pain that yields such sensual pleasure. Inspired by my own rose garden, Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of intoxicating and rare hybrids.A trilogy of Rose de Mai, Turkish and Bulgarian roses. Sharp and pristine. Warm and sensual. A heady bouquet of blooms in pink perfection. The danger of being so close to beauty heightens the seductive power of Rose Prick.’

Previous fragrances in this ‘scandalous’ line-up include:

Lost Cherry

Luscious. Tempting. Insatiable.The luscious artisanal scent features warm and sweet gourmands.

A full-bodied journey into the once-forbidden; a contrasting scent that reveals a tempting dichotomy of playful, candy-like gleam on the outside and luscious flesh on the inside. Innocence intersects indulgence with an opening that captures the classic perfection of the exotic cherry fruit – Black Cherry’s ripe flesh dripping in cherry liqueur glistens with a teasing touch of Bitter Almond.

The heart bursts forth in cherry waves of sweet and tart. Griotte Syrup expresses the textured maceration of voluptuous fruits while breathtaking florals Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac penetrate the senses and soul. Peru Balsam and Roasted Tonka at the drydown suggest a new portrait of an iconic symbol. When blended with an unexpected mélange of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar, the finish reaches fantasy-inspiring levels of insatiability.


Fucking Fabulous

Explicit. Exclusive. Fabulous. A decadent oriental leather with an intoxicating grip captures a rarefied air.

Evoking the private exchanges and insider moments where fantasies come true, the scent can only be described in one way. With a name that says it all, the vibrant opening makes an instant statement as clary sage and fresh lavender command attention with aromatic foreplay.

Delectable bitter almond and vanilla inflections infuse textural richness to the leather heart. Drenched in orris root from the iris flower, the full luscious body of the supple Italian plonge reveals its exquisite beauty. Addictive tonka bean and lavish leather drive the scent as amber undertones reverberate with a warm glow.

Ultra-fine blonde woods create a confident expression of pure luxury with a creamy finish.

Yankee Candle just announced its Scent of the Year for 2020

‘Awaken’ the scent for a new decade, is designed to help you feel centred.

Yankee Candle just announced its second annual ‘Scent of the Year’, and this time around, it’s all about simplicity and transparency. The scent, called “Awaken,” has top notes of sheer peony and crystal freesia; mid notes of clary sage essential oil, orcanox, and driftwood; and base notes of white amber, patchouli, and mineral musk.

A sparkling, inspiring scent focused on a unique, exhilarating mineral aura, with grounding notes of driftwood and amber.

Top: Crisp and Clean Notes, Sheer Peony, Crystal Freesia
Mid: Clary Sage Essential Oil, Orcanox, Driftwood
Base: White Amber, Patchouli, Mineral Musk

A quick reminder back to floral notes of last years launch, (the first year of what will hopefully continue to be an annual tradition) and the scent was ‘One Together’; described as refreshingly distinctive chorus of floral notes including Gilly Flower, Star Jasmine and Miracle Flower, with hints of Black Pepper, Mandarin and Nectarine, and an undertone of Amber, Sandalwood and Suede Blush.

“We’ve learned through our research for Scent of the Year that there is a significant cultural shift away from always wanting more: More options, more communication, more material clutter,” Anna Whitton, vice president of marketing at The Yankee Candle Company said in a press release. “Increasingly, people want to simplify their lives, unplug from the constant chatter of technology, and reconnect with themselves and with those they care about. Consumers are seeking out meaningful experiences that bring them a greater sense of self.

Jennifer Genson, Yankee Candle’s Fragrance Development Lead, noted that the scent is also perfect to start the year off right. “Awaken was developed to inspire you to open your eyes to the simple beauty of the everyday, giving you a clear, bright vision for the new year,” she said.

Source: House Beautiful & Yankee Candle

Zara & Jo Malone team up to create the ‘Emotions’ fragrance collection

Ingredient led fine fragrance ranges are everywhere this year. The latest new launches come from Spanish fashion giant Zara, who have announced its international collaboration with Jo Malone CBE, founder of the namesake perfume house and Jo Loves. United by the same sense of detail, creative flair and desire to tell stories. the team from Zara and Jo have woven a line inspired by the past, present and future of Zara’s world-renowned fashion collections.

Each of the eight fragrances has been designed with a personality and a voice that tell its story in a unique way, plus,  at just £25.95 for each 90ml,  bottle, it’s high end fragrance ingredients for high-street prices.

Vetiver Pamplemousse: Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, Vetiver 
 “A spray of cologne on a white cotton t-shirt: the scent of everyday.”

Waterlily Tea Dress: Bergamot, Green Mint, Musks
“The sweetness of a piece of jazz music in the air, a picnic on the grass, a floral dress fluttering in the wind.“

Ebony Wood: Pepper, Clove, Ebony Wood
“That moment of freedom and carelessness when an adventure begins.”

Amalfi Sunray: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Orange Flower
“Happy souvenirs of a summer vacation in Italy.”

Tubereuse Noir: Ylang ylang, Tuberose, Sandalwood
 “The scent of tuberose is more luxurious than a pair of diamonds.

Fleur D’Oranger: Orange Blossom, Neroli, Ylang ylang
“We should always celebrate moments of happiness with orange blossom.”

Fleur De Patchouli: Peony, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood
“Like pair of eyes staring at you, this perfume pushes you to go beyond, to express your creativity.”

Bohemian Bluebells: Lavander, Sandalwood, Musks
“A fragrance that breathes a Bohemian spirit, full of courage and hypnotic power, unlike anything you’ve ever smelt before.”

Home Fragrance Edit: A destination collection inspired by scent memories

This collection was launched earlier this year by Brooklyn Candle Studio, but it’s too beautiful not to share. Destination candles have become all about scent memories as capturing the ‘essence’ of a place is exactly that. The reason we all love coconut, sun-cream scent, summer rain, vanilla or firewood are the memories we attach to them and what they remind us of and this collection captures some of the worlds most popular places using scent.