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Fragrance Focus

This is what sets us apart.

Monitoring markets and predicting trends for and with global fragrance houses and manufacturers for almost 20 years, means our Reports are based on fragrance knowledge and expertise.

New Products & Innovations

To present a concise picture of the market, our research has filtered 100’s of global products to bring the key new ideas and products to your attention. Alongside fragrance descriptions, scent information, key additives and ingredients, we also discuss formats and market innovations to help inspire the next generation of products.

Key Concepts & Themes

Every new launch starts with a new idea, or a new take on a current trend to evolve the market. Our Reports piece together a web of products and trends to get straight to the key concepts and supports these concepts with the latest commercial launches, to help you create successful new ranges as the market evolves.

These Reports are like no other – we track and analyse the market and then use our fragrance expertise to help you develop the next new trends

A brief overview of our latest Category Report: Hand Care

Throughout this Report you will find market overviews, current data and trend analysis. The Report also dives into new launches from big brands through to niche and indie brands, information on what’s driving consumers to purchase, the key themes and innovations across this market, including ingredient ideas and 6 new trend concepts that can be used by creative teams to build commercial new collections.

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