Beauty with conscience is a hot trend in 2020

Stress levels are probably quite high at the moment, but even before the outbreak of COVID-19 we were all feeling the effects of 21st century living.

The beauty and fragrance industry embraced the ‘at home spa movement’ many years ago with scrubs and rubs designed for peace and relaxation, but in 2020 with the need for self care higher than ever, we are seeing many more brands bring out collections under the new term for spa; wellness.

Brands that don’t have a proven provenance in beauty and spa are launching new collections as they get more involved with consumers lifestyles and demands.

It’s not just product need though that’s driving this trends. Many brands now recognise that today’s consumers want, no demand, more from the brands they choose to invest in and support. They want to feel good, not just when using the products to fulfil their own needs for self care, but also when investing in the product in the first place; a beauty conscience has developed in consumers and it’s not going away.

Fashion retailer Primark recently launched their new Wellness Collection. Made up of 80 eco-conscious products across womenswear, menswear, homeware and skincare, the new range is Primark’s latest step to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Launched under the Primark Cares Initiative, the Wellness Collection is part of the retailer’s commitment to becoming more responsible for their fashion footprint. All products from the range are made using either organic cotton, recycled materials or sustainable fabrics.

The range includes sportswear made from recycled materials, soy wax blend candles, sustainable cotton and linen bedding and of course soothing, cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty products, that contain naturals and are housed in recyclable bottles. The idea is to encourage wellbeing through the day and the website takes you on a 24 hour cycle of wellbeing using all the products across the collection.

The New Skincare Collection

The collection itself is housed in very simple packaging reminiscent of an apothecary style/pharmacy style design. It’s got a ‘do good’ feel which is perfect for the message they are trying to get across with the whole range.

With either Chamomile & Aloe or Relaxing Lavender the whole range alludes to another key trend in skincare and beauty at the moment, known as ‘skipcare’ – i.e achieve the results you want with a minimal amount of products (the backlash to the Korean beauty phenomenon which usually involves 10 plus steps and even more products for ‘perfect skin’).

The range consists of ; a daily moisturiser, a balm to oil cleanser, a relaxing night cream, a body cream and 2 body scrubs.

The New Candle & Diffuser Collection

Of course, no oasis of calm would work without setting the scene first, so the new collection also includes candles and diffusers with a Blush Jasmine scent.

Again this is an interesting development happening in the wellness movement, where we are seeing new scents become classed as relaxing; from vanilla and patchouli, to chamomile and soft florals such as jasmine rather than just lavender. Looking around at new launches in both the homecare and personal care sector this new relaxation direction is set to become a big trend!

The Bigger Picture

Given what’s going on in the wider world in 2020 I think we can expect to see a lot more wellness cropping up across the sector from all brands, be it big spa brands to fashion retailers and smaller niche brands. It’s a megatrend that’s set to stay – in other words it’s a lifestyle orientated trend rather than driven by fashion or fads of the moment. This trend has been a long time in the making; back from the early 2000’s when spa was primarily geared towards marine, ozonic and salt infused scents depicting fresh and clean. Wrap up into the trend the organic movement, clean beauty and hygge and you have the new wellness; inspired by earthy naturals of patchouli and woods, comforting scents of vanilla and the new fresh green notes such as tea, aloe or pear.

However, as we mentioned in the title it’s not beauty – it’s conscience as well, so all in all the ‘wellness’ collections look set to become a lot more than just the smell good collections of old. They will need to tick the consumer purchase checklist and NPD teams will need to consider all the angles when making a new launch – especially in today’s climate. Should make for some good trend watching!

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