Artistique Collection: Art Perfumes by Avon

The most famous catalogue beauty brand join the ranks of retailers offering a ‘niche’ fragrance experience

In recent years a new form of ‘niche’ has arrived on the perfume scene. Being described as ‘artistic perfumery’ and following the release of exclusive niche collections by almost all major luxury brands; Chanel, Guerlain, Van Cleef & Arpels, Mugler, Carolina Herrera and Giorgio Armani the high street has come back with a plethora of ‘ingredient led’ new launches that have the exclusivity, but not the price tag of the niche market. For example, last year Zara released the Emotions collection in collaboration with self taught Perfumer Jo Malone which included launches such as; Bohemian Bluebells, Waterlily Tea Dress, Vetiver Pamplemousse and Ebony Wood. The Perfume Shop launched a collection including Peppered Earth and Amber Glow and Superdrug launched Musk Dore, Cedar Blanc and Vetiver Aroma in late 2019.

In niche and premium launches, Perfumers have become the stars of the fragrance rather than the celebrity (thank you Frederic Malle) and this is where the story now begins for many unique scents. Avon’s new launches have highlighted the Perfumer behind each of their new fragrances, adding to the luxury appeal of this new collection.

Famous Symrise perfumers with international recognition, who are famous for their creations on a specific fragrance theme, were involved in the creation of the Artistique Avon fragrances.

Emilie Coppermann, before creating Iris Fetiche, has created iris scents for Van Cleef & Arpels, The Different Company and Wide Society.

Alexandra Carlin the Perfumer behind Patchouli Indulgence has created best selling scents for Amouage, Mauboussin, Luisa Spagnoli, Givenchy L’Atelier and Ferrari.

Lastly, Maurice Roucel the Perfumer behind Magnolia en Fleurs, used his mastery with the note of magnolia to create perfumes for Gucci, Guerlain and Missoni amongst others.

A fragrance for a bold, confident, and courageous woman, Patchouli Indulgence is a fascinating mixture of patchouli, exotic spices, delicate floral shades, and a rich amber base. The floral-oriental fragrance signed by Alexandra Carlin with its whirlwind of captivating woody shades is ideal for those who are not afraid to go against the tide; it conjures up memories of exotic countries. The fragrance was born from the memory of one warm evening spent by Alexandra in the night market of the Vietnamese Hoi An on the shore of the South China Sea, among the warm smells of spices, flowers, and woods.

Patchouli Indulgence Avon

Top notes: Timut pepper, Pink pepper, and Bergamot;
Middle notes: Rose, Violet, and Lily-of-the-valley;
Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, and Musk

To all optimists, joyful, life-loving and carefree, perfumer Maurice Roucel devoted his fresh floral fragrance Magnolia en Fleurs, in which Chinese magnolia blends perfectly with the moist freshness of the morning and a soft musky base. Magnolia blossom means the onset of the warm days of spring, and the fragrance is ideal for this time of year and for those who enjoy spring. The perfumer recalled one of his morning runs through Paris in the spring, when in the Palais Royal gardens a wonderful smell and a delightful look of flowering magnolias made him stop for the sake of enjoying this spring aroma.

Magnolia en Fleurs

Top notes: Bergamot, Wet greens, and Pink pepper;
Middle notes: Magnolia, Jasmine, and Gardenia;
Base notes: Musk, Moss, and Sandalwood

Floriental masterpiece Iris Fétiche was created by perfumer Emilie Coppermann for elegant, charismatic, and glamorous women. The symphonic sound of enticing iris, delicate green foliage, and the sensual sweetness of vanilla will illuminate your charismatic nature, and then wrap you with an enveloping feeling of endless calm. In this fragrance, Emilie recalls her childhood when she went from Paris to her grandmother’s in Normandy.

Iris Fétiche

Top notes: Green notes, Bergamot, and Pepper;
Middle notes: Iris flower, Jasmine, and Rose;
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, and Sandalwood

Avon presented these three perfumes as the first trio in the Artistique collection, so we can expect new perfumers from new Perfumers soon. The Artistique Parfumiers fragrances are already available in the UK priced at £18 per 50ml bottle.